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Mega 10-01-2012 11:57 PM

Karma Remake News!
Surrender at 20: Guinsoo's tweeting about Karma again!


Oh my dearest Karma, how are you? Still awaiting that remake/kit update we heard murmurs about ages ago? Maybe your time is finally starting to come seeing as Guinsoo fired off a few more tweets about you earlier today!
Continue reading to check out just what Guinsoo had to say...

( remember that this is all tentative stuff; the next trial build of Karma might not reflect anything said below ).

Let's take a gander at these three tweets.

Not too much going on here but it sure is good to hear things are still moving along for the presently least popular support champion.

Similar to the last one, nothing big here. We know her Heavenly wave has a .8 AP ratio on a part of it, which is a .2 increase from what it cureently is on live.

This last one finally gives us that nice chunk for information we were looking at. This iteration of Karma is apparently sitting strong with a single Mantra charge. By limiting her charge to one, hopefully her charged spells will turn into three possible "ultimates" instead of just two stronger versions of the spell. Maybe this will translate into some extra CC effects or something? After all, a previous version of her kit had a knock back on her Heavenly Wave ability.

So what sort of suspicions to you draw from these humble tweets and what are you hoping for out of the Karma update? What will it take to edge her away from being one of the least played champions in the game?

james 10-02-2012 12:11 PM

Seems interesting. Hopefully this will solidify her role as something.

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