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03-29-2012   #1 (permalink)
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Default Rtothef's Lulu Guide

Hey there, if any of you have a free moment I'd really appreciate if you could take a look at my guide over at League of Legends Strategy Build Guides :: LoL Strategy Building Tool by MOBAFire:

If you could do this it would mean so much ^_^
Thanks a lot! And if you want, add me on League of Legends @: Rtothef
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03-29-2012   #2 (permalink)
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IGN: Kenzor

Wanted to point some things out:

The reasons you SHOULD pick Lulu:
Your team needs a support role champion
Your team will have a jungler to aid
Your team has an attack speed carry
Taking a support champion because your team needs a support is pretty much...common sense.

- // No heal ability
- // Ultimate easy to waste with poor communication
- // Not beginner friendly
- // You will not be allowed to farm
- // Slow duration limited
"Ultimate easy to waste with poor communication" - So is anyone other ultimate. This is not a con for Lulu.

"You will not be allowed to farm" - The same for any other support who chooses not to farm. Not a con for Lulu.

"Slow duration limited" Lol, her slow is not a con, rather it's more of a pro because of how ridiculously powerful it is, 80% long range AoE slow on a short cooldown.

The runes are almost good, but the seals are wasted, 45 HP is much worse than MP/5 or armor.

For spells, I also suggest Exhaust too, on any support it's helpful to have for either protecting dying mates or shutting down a carry.

About: This is her harassment ability. Along with Glitterlance, it can shut down and enfeeble a target to remove them from a team fight for their duration. Best used on either a support champ or annoying champion with disables or aura damage.
What... no. Why would you waste an amazing disable on something that's not the main damage dealer?

Wild Growth:
About: This is her ultimate support spell, it greatly increases the survivability of a target (especially tanks) and allows them to become a mobile slow aura. Great for ganking or pushing a tower.
I don't think it's a good idea to waste a really good hard+soft CC+Teammate saver just to attack the tower for 1 more second.

I would suggest the cooldown boots too, since if you position yourself correctly as a support you won't need defensive boots.

Shureliya's: Your wording is a bit ambiguous, you sound like you're saying it gives a HP/MP/5 aura, which it doesn't.

Nashor's Tooth: I can understand why you might like this item, but seeing as a lot of support/aura items give a lot of CDR, Nashor's Tooth would probably make you exceed to 40% CDR cap which is somewhat wasted.

Banshee: DOES NOT give you MP regen.

Abyssal: You say that the last item fills the holes in your team, you're writing a guide so why not name those items.

I don't see why you start with mana pots, her mana costs are pretty low, unless you for some reason use every skill whenever you get the chance.
1 Sight Ward is not enough map awareness to last you until you have enough money for your Regrowth Pendant (Though the amount of sight wards you need varies depending on if the enemy team chooses to gank you often or not).

Eleisa's Miracle is a wasted item slot, don't build it ever.

You should not wait until you've reached your last item to build an aura item.

Screenshot of match history:
An 11/3/24 support is not a good indication of a good support, just to let you know.

Ward guide:
It's EVERYONE'S job to ward, it's just that the support has more money to spare since they don't need to build items to do good.

In your ward map, you should consider placing wards in the top/bot lane bushes too, those bushes are great for enemies to gank from.
03-29-2012   #3 (permalink)
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Runes: If you really need that mana regen, go with mana regen seals over glyphs and consider mr glyphs instead.
mark - mpen / armor
seal - gp10 / mana regen / armor
glyph - mr

The reason to start with a Faerie charm is because it's not only cheap but for the mana regen so you don't need to buy mana potions, you're better off with more sight wards or even possible a vision ward and a health pot or two.

Boots you get are situational, generally as support you're not the one focused so you really shouldn't need to get merc treads in most cases (for lulu I'd prefer cdr boots or boots of mobility if you've built up the cdr already) but it depends on the situation.

Banshee's is... 'okay' if you feel you're really struggling with cc THAT much but in most cases you don't need it at all.

Abyssal Scepter is really only necessary when you feel your team needs the mpen, which is when the opponents build mr.

Nahsor's Tooth is not needed, support is about having utility without having items, not about doing damage and/or having the most kills/damage on your team.

Aegis is a great aura item even when built early game. Consider building it early if you feel you can pass on completing other items like the locket or reverie until later.

Item build as far as what to build first/last depends on what you feel your team needs at any given moment but this doesn't mean to stop buying wards to rush any particular item as map vision is invaluable. Again, "support is about having utility without having items."

If you have that 'spare gold' but not a lot of it and REALLY want that damage then invest in a Doran's Ring if you really want to...

Last edited by DarkRayne; 03-29-2012 at 02:38 PM.
03-29-2012   #4 (permalink)
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Half the point of a guide is to assume that the audience you are addressing are completely new players. Kenzor, you and I might know that yes, an ideal (but not every) team needs some kind of support that can be denied farm. However, you have to consider that this is addressing completely new players, or at least relatively new.
After all, LoL is a pretty bread and butter game. Once you learn it, you pretty much understand the basic parts of the game, not a lot to it.

Agreed with Kenzor on runes. I prefer flat MR blues. For yellows, either armor or mp/5 (I personally run gp5 because I like to be rich, but not recommended, too much harass damage without armor).

I suggest getting the extra 40 starting gold mastery. It allows you a potion along with a Faerie Charm and 4 wards, which I actually find to be really good considering Lulu is meant to be played aggressive. I honestly don't think you need the mana potions unless you spam spells, when you can easily harass just autoattacking with Lulu's passive. The only spell I think you really need is Whimsy to stop them from counterattacking you, then just walk away.
I honestly do not like the champion kill/assist masteries, simply because I don't like the idea of relying on getting kills/assists for it to work. I also find Strength of Spirit to be a very bad mastery. The points are better spent in Intelligence for early CDR. If you really like experience, I'd rather get Awareness over Sage.

Also with Kenzor on spells. It's preferable to have your AD carry using Heal, that way they get the full Heal amount. I prefer supports having Exhaust, Ignite, or CV and Flash.

You should mention she has a shield in place of heals. They can work just as well.

Whimsy is definitely better used on enemy team's damage.

I personally hate Nashor's Tooth. It's pretty expensive and only benefits you. As a support player, you have to play with your team. If you want attack speed, I would rather go for Zeke's Herald, which will offer you cooldown and health, but also an AS and lifesteal aura for your entire team, which is a lot more helpful and much cheaper.
I would also put in Aegis of the Legion in priority to any other item. This is pretty much the best "tank" item for support and helps a lot.
If your teammate isn't running double AP WotA and your only AP has a WotA, that is also a good item over Abyssal Scepter. If they are running double AP WotA and don't have Abyssal Scepter, then I would get Abyssal.

You might also note that Vision Wards can help you kill off enemy wards early when you know where they ward as well as kill the Baron ward later on. It's hinted in the picture, but you should say so.

Also, I hate MOBAfire, but whatever.


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