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animefanx30 07-05-2011 03:19 PM

Minstrel build questions/suggestions?
Alright, so I'm in the process of reskilling and I want to get some clarity on a few things. I'm going more towards a battle oriented minstrel. So, let me begin my questions:

Does getting the water elemental masteries affect my ES in any way or should I just leave them out? I'm not getting any water skills, as I never use them.

I don't plan on getting purification tree because... Just ew. No. I don't want it. I don't find it useful.

Is elemental flow/spell damage power/parasensory worth getting?

Elemental flow works fine for me, I just don't know what level to get it to. I didn't notice the damage increase for spell damage power, so does putting points in it actually do anything?

Also, with parasensory, I really didn't feel the skill cooldown time was that dramatically life changing. So is it just me or are those following skills worth getting?

Should I go down the crit tree as well? If I do, I'm planning on stopping at understanding of elements since the last two seem relatively useless.

Finally, if I somehow have points to spare. What other skills would be good to have? Other than heals, voice of holy spirit, preformance of rest/harmony, and megadeath. Is bolstering/holy preformance worth getting? Or should I just leave those skills alone?

Feel free to recommend skill builds that would be good for a battle minstrel. I have 146 skillpoints to use. And my 5th tier can only go up to 4 atm.

Thanks for the responses.

Esper 07-05-2011 04:59 PM

If you don't have any plans on getting Water skills, you can ignore them. I've only gotten the Novice Mastery so I can learn Water skills (PVPer).

Of course, that means you can't use Water Elemental. Water Elemental only increases the skill's level if you have the Mastery learned. That would mean Rabana Mantle would be the only option and getting a level 9 or 10 opt may take time if you're unlucky.

You may find Purification to be an "ew" skill now but most Minstrels have it now due to (Expert) Coliseum practically being the only thing you do at level 170+. If there are two Minstrels in the party and the other has it, than that's fine.

The Parasensory path is mostly meant for power due to the passives the skills before it provide.
Leveling outside of Coliseum, Elemental Flow may be useful but doesn't mean you won't have to use the occasional pots. Inside of Coliseum, it's only good in the beginning at best (with a good party).

Spell Damage Power increase skill damage, which is good outside of Coliseum. Inside, not so much. The beginning is usually easy so you can cast ES. Once you reach the second half, the only skill you should be using is Guitar Group Heal and Fortissimo.

Parasensory just helps increase your AP to 200. You have to get the other 100 to be able to cast Performance of Harmony. Performance of Harmony is an important skill and if you don't have it, no one wants you in Coliseum.
I found getting 300 AP is easy since the big mob inside combined with ES is enough. My friend has it and he can buff us before we start while I use Energetic Performance.
I found the Crit tree utterly useless. I mean seriously, 9 skill points just for a lousy 3% Crit Rate? If you don't stack a crazy amount of Magic Crit Rate, you're just wasting points. :x

Don't get Bolstering Performance. With your spare points, you'll want to get either Holy Performance (Defense) or Energetic Performance (Damage). As I said above before (again /shot), people want Minstrels that have beneficial skills to make the run easier/faster.

animefanx30 07-05-2011 06:20 PM

If I do go down the purfication tree, would i just max everything down the way or what?

Would it be a good idea to go down the parasensory tree just to get elemental protection then do the same with purification but also get hand of holy spirit? However, at my level (145) should I work on finishing the purification tree?

Also, between energetic preformance and holy preformance, which one would be best to get if I could only choose one?

Esper 07-05-2011 06:38 PM

With my build, I couldn't max all the skills before Purification. I just got the minimum requirement and maxed Purification. Maxing Spirit of Holiness would be nice though.

Elemental Protection is mostly a PVP skill. It's rare to ever use it outside or in Coliseum unless you don't want to save a few pots once in a while.
The same goes for Hand of Holy Spirit. Mostly a PVP skill and I found just level 1 is good enough.

You can enter Expert at your level and be level 190 in no time. However, it's rare to see parties recruit low level Minstrels since they know low levels tend to not have enough skills maxed. If you party with friends, the skills above are useful. If not, I would hold off on learning them until you do decide to do full Expert Coli runs.

Really, the build is up to you on what you want to learn/what path to take. Without taking Water skills, I do believe you can go down both trees. You'll have to do some calculations to see how far down you can go.

I prefer Energetic Performance. Buff them to give them more damage means faster runs. Defense has it's benefits too but with the speed my party kills, I can heal enough in combination with the free HP/MP heal from clearing a certain stage.

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