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Theone70 09-25-2012 05:21 AM

Skillset for Attack Minstrel (Self-Sub)
Hello everyone! It's me again. And i finally got my first 140! Yay!:py62:

Ok so, I feel that instead of begging people for help that i would make myself useful and sub myself. After getting maes, i would reskill and be pure support (so no fortissimo). Alot of conflicting information on google..

A abit about my wealth and equipments:
Poor. Using lvl 80 guitar and 140 water stone. Have a sirop function set. Gear is a mix(+0 ~ +4) of Magic set. Unable to afford many spams.

Question: For a Pure Attack Minstrel(for self-subbing purposes),
1. Do i need to add water skills? Some people say evil sound outdamages it
2. What Buffs do i need?
3. Which misc tree?
4. Mastery?
5. Corola VS Javawalk (both not enchanted) or any other recommendation? No Coli because i am not going to be a Minstrel forever.
6. Which adv coli accesory set?

BoredomKillz 09-25-2012 10:46 AM

1. its really up to you. in the end ES is perfectly fine, however if you get knocked out of it youre pretty much screwed until the cool down is reset. with water skills you have a bit of leeway for different situations. you can also airskill if you have magic concentration, which is handy. personally id get them

2. for buffs you should get
voice of water spirit (water damage buff)
voice of heart (hp buff)
performance of harmony
performance of rest
group guitar heal (or only up to self heal III, its up to you. im not sure if group guitar has more heal than self heal though)

3. for the buff tree it really doesnt matter (well except the heal tree lol) but you should get elemental protection at the least. the left tree is magic damage and the middle tree is magic crit. whichever you like more you can get

4. masteries increase magic acc, heal percent, and water stat. you should most likely max up to expert regardless if you get water magic or not (since fortissimo and ES will benefit from it). highest is up to you, but i guess only if you have spare SP

5. uh no idea what the stats are on them. i think java guitar since it has water on it? if you can give me the stats i can help better xD

6. id go with sta or luck. if you care about the damage from the full set bonus then go with magic, but it prolly wont make too much of a difference since the glasses have both types of TDD

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