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sqvirel 09-09-2012 05:00 AM

Equipment progression?
Made it to bard, now I'm kinda confused as to the equipment. Right now I have:

+2 Javawalk Magic Guitar (Max mag. dmg. +26%)
+2 Magic Set
+1 Phoenix Earrings
+4 Water Elemental
Kraken Horror Sucker
+5 Tengu Gold Bindi
+3 Water Pandora Tear
+5 Jane Jewelry Ring

Any tips for future equips? I plan on having the Coli Magic Set, but as for the weapon and accessories I'm a bit confused. Coli guitars don't have any specified damage...
Could someone tell me what's the best equipment and accessory setup for a Bard?

BoredomKillz 09-09-2012 11:17 AM

for the weapon get the coli guitar until you can get darkness (which is lvl 199). it doesnt have any specific damage range like the other guitars but it doesnt matter. the damage you see on the java guitar is actually for physical attacks and so it makes zero difference whether you have it or not. coli guitar however has a stat that gives magic damage and water, both of which boost your magic (ice magic and guitar stuff)

for the accessories

hell stockings

you can keep the phoenix earrings and +9 them or you can do a hell stocking and hell earring combo for more TDD

while tengu bindi has eva on it (5 eva at +8) id suggest getting something else. a good red bindi is a nice starter since it has 11 water on it and then up to +33 of a stat. a good valhalla bindi can also work. but if you get a statless one then its prolly better to just go with the red bindi, cheaper too

jane ring is fine, its prolly one of the better options tbh. but you can also try for the guild ring (and guild earring for that combo). unless you can get it to +4 itll have one less crit rate though. jane ring is prolly best for cheapness and you can still get high stats on it if you can get a lvl 40 crafter

elemental stone
get a coli water stone. it wont go higher than 200 dura so itll be harder to get a +10 enchant on it (even harder to get two) but its the best option in terms of water intensity. a lot of ppl tend to super +10 the stones and then use tonio to change the stats into min/max water. but its up to you on what you decide to do
water ballong gem is also a good one, but lol good luck getting a +9 of that....

magic colo glasses are easiest to get and theyre good
if you can get a statted bong glasses id suggest going for those isntead (if you dont want to pvp then go with the colo. itll save you much misery lol)

what i stated above is pretty much individual items. you can also opt to use set items. there are
hell set
guild set
magic colo set

i left out the rep acc mainly because theyre timed, and no one likes timed stuff =( however, if you do not mind farming rep every 15 days to revive them then id highly suggest you get them. theyre pretty much superior to anything else you can get lol

also i know you said you wanted magic colo, but id suggest you look into TAID armor. theyre pretty much better overall than colo and if you want to pvp then id suggest not to pour too much money into enchanting the colo lol the highest level TAID armor is 190 (vintor one) and is what you should aim for if you want this

theres also a few other sets like darkness and red flame (or something, dont really remember this ones name too much) but stat wise im not sure if its good or not lol

sqvirel 09-10-2012 08:07 AM


Originally Posted by BoredomKillz (Post 1766559)
water ballong gem is also a good one, but lol good luck getting a +9 of that....

Why, is something wrong with Ballongs?

BoredomKillz 09-10-2012 09:09 AM

pain in the ass to get. as far as i know the only way to get them is to craft them. the urns required are dropped from the whales and mermaids in the mermaid room in the aquarium. everyone knows that latale has shitty drop rates for urns and no one really farms them unless its for themselves. so ya youd most likely have to find them yourself. minimum of 20 urns needed for a +10 and that doesnt even guarantee you a good one

colo stone will have more intensity at the end and is much easier to get. but ballong gems will have more crit damage me thinks

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