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01-25-2012   #1 (permalink)
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Default Sorta need Maestro expert coli advice

Expert coli to me is like a mystery that is hard to figure out. (just like what inter was a few months ago) At the moment my mae is 193 and i cannot survive full expert ( with the exception of two times; I got lucky ) I can go as far as like 75~80% of expert. Although most of the time, those mine minotaurs start showing up, and spam their stupid wide as hell stomp attack, or their def reducing slash attack. Usually I use jjoo remedies the second these minos show up but more than half the time I get screwed over by magic immunity(the most useless effect in coli/pve)

I changed my mae's skill build many times, at least 6 times I believe.
My skill build ranged from complete offensive(like having as much wind as possible), to something more defensive-ish (maxing prestissimo, or having prelude of blood) Out of all the builds I had I seem to always max out allargando and grazioso.

At the moment, this is my mae's current skill build:

My mae's equipment is
LV180 Emery Helm / Stamina Lv10 +32, Defense +60
Coli Mana Plate +8 / Magic Lv9 +32, Stamina Lv9 +30
Coli Mana Clip +8 / Magic Lv10 +31
Magic Gloves +1 / Magic Crit Dmg +64%
Red Orchalcum Boots / Physical Evasion +17, Movement Speed +64

Coli Stamina Glass / Magic Accuracy +12
Coli Stamina Bindi / Magic +32
Coli Stamina Stocking / Stamina +32

Goblin Wizard Earring +9 / Magic +25
Goblin Magi Seal +9 / Magic +28

Wind Coli Stone +8 / Max Wind Dmg LV10 +33%

Coli Music Rod +8 / Magic Lv6 +16, Min Magic Dmg Lv5 +11% ,Max Magic Dmg Lv10 +44%

I have seen other maes out there with better statted rod like min/max 30ish/50ish~70ish with more stamina in their armor instead of magic, and sometimes pet effect stacking (husky/white tiger, etc.) and either use prelude or not, and I hear/seen that they still have trouble surviving.

So in case if there are TL;DR-ish people reading this; how the hell does a mae do expert coli flawlessly. . .?

P.S. Youtube vids of maestro solo expert coli don't seem to be that great of an example ._.
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They don't. Minotaurs will always mess up runs every now and then, there will always be occasional double spawns, etc etc.

You can improve your performance though. Your build is fine, sans the lack of grazioso upgrade (but you dropped it for prelude, so I understand). Not having a third skill to default to when canceled will kill you though (perhaps try this?). The main thing you can improve is gear (in order of importance):

- Complete your coli mana set or get 190 VinTAID set. The latter is better if possible. Full set effects of either set will give you more crit rate. Crit rate kills bad mobs (minos, hamehas, mk5's) faster. Aim for luck and stam enchants. Your luck in particular should be nearing or over 1k.
- Make better accessories. The whole magic-stack thing is rather overrated. Make a nice guild set with stamina or luck enchants. Alternatively, you could do jane+phoenix, or jane+hell set full (only with coli armor).
- Get a better stone. Try for a 30/30+ coli. If you don't have plans to hit 195 and delevel your coli from +9 very soon, a 190 npc stone with 30/30 or 40/40 enchants would also be serviceable.
- Better rod. Yours is fine really but a 30/40+ one would improve your damage a bit. Min damage is underrated.
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01-25-2012   #3 (permalink)
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Old reference of what I did: /forum/

With the kind of equips I have, I mostly have a 90% chance to complete a full Expert solo. The other 10% is based on how bad I combo my order when the Minos appear.
I don't know what the Maestros you talk to do, but there is no way that they can always fail at Minos.


As of right now, you should consider redoing your gears to have Stamina/Luck enchants (except gloves). That means you either keep refreshing your gears until both enchants are Stamina/Luck or until either Stamina (or Luck) has a decent value from one of the options and start using Super Puzzles level 1~10 for the other.

Refresh your Bindi until it's either Stamina or Luck.

None of your gears really should be Magic enchants. The Magic stat itself is pretty weak in terms of helping your damage and you need a crazy high amount (over 1k; similar to STR) for it to be semi-effective.

Just like MeanieRyuch said, you should really try to aim for Min/Max gears. Minimum Damage is very important to help balance your damage. You don't want your damage range to be have a wide range and screw you over.


The main combo is stated in the post in the link above: Allargando > Grazioso > Allargando > Grazioso > so on...

The only time I ever use Prestissimo is if I know the mob will not kill me and I need some HP for survival. The other time is also if a monster is able to cancel my Allargando when I cast it.

I would not learn Blood of Prelude. While Blood of Prelude is nice that it works with every skill, it requires you to cast it. I found that the HP regained with it wasn't that great compared to Allargando's once in a while cast.

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