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RikaKashiwa 10-16-2011 10:31 PM

N> Maestro skill build advice
For a class that looks simple and epic to use; I'm having an extremely hard time trying to come up with a decent skill build to have. So far I tried two different ones

The first one:
Music Rod Beginner/Intermediate/Expert/Highest Maxed out
Priring Drum skill Lv.14
HP absorbing 13 hit attack skill Lv.11
Strong 13 hit attack skill Lv.11
That wind attribute+ music rod skill LV.8

Magic Specialization LV.3
AP Recovery LV.3
AP Expansion LV.3
Maestro Ultimate LV.5
Strengthen Magic or w/e LV.3
Priring Drum Upgrade
HP absorb 13 hit attack skill upgrade
Strong 13 hit attack skill upgrade
Wind Command LV.6

The second skill build had:

All the same music rod masteries,and skills/LVs except for
Priring Drum Skill Lv. 20

Decrease Cooldown LV. 10
Decrease Cooldown Enhanced LV.6
Wind Command LV.6

I took the damn cooldown branch thinking it would do any good with those lengthy cooldowns, I only notice a small difference, but not that effective against grinding in fenrirs, solar farm, el alnor west, or anywhere...... >.>

By the way I'm still LV. 140; atm its still kinda annoying to level.

Esper 10-16-2011 10:54 PM

I see no reason to actually bother with Expert and Highest Mastery. You really only need Beginner and Intermediate Mastery.

If you're trying to spam just one skill, like Allargando, you actually would need to have all 3 CD skills. Even with all 3 CD skills, I have to still use Grazioso at times. The combo is pretty much Allargando > Grazioso > Allargando > Grazioso > so on...

My skill build is like this:

Beginner Mastery (Max)
Grazioso (Max)
Partitur (Max)
Prestissimo (Max)
Allargando (Max)
Stop Play!

Magic Upgrade (Level 3)
Recover AP (Level 3)
Expand AP (Level 3)
Maestro Ultimate (Level 5)
General Attack Upgrade (Level 3)
Grazioso [Upgrade]
Allargando [Upgrade]
Prestissimo [Upgrade]

Decrease Cool Time (Level 10)
Decrease Cool Time [Upgrade] (Level 10)
Decrease Cool Time [Master]
The build I gave is the end result of being level 193. This skill build was pretty effective at level 170 due to you having maxed out Prestissimo and Allargando. Made it a lot easier to solo Coli.

I feel that Wind Command is a useless skill. You should have a decent Wind Stone and Partitur already gives an additional 60 Wind Elemental and 40% Maximum Damage.

Rie 10-16-2011 11:05 PM

Here's my skill build for lvl 150 o3o with 5 extra points.

Anyway if you think the cooldown skills isnt worth it.. They are (Once all three are maxed)

With my build i can do endless skill combo's it goes like..

Allargando >Pretissimo >Allargando > Grazioso or Largamente > Allargando > Repeat o3o

you wont ever run out of skills to spam.
Anyway imo like Jerry said masteries arent even that good ._. so leave them alone while your still low lvl and put them into the more worthwhile skills like maxing your two main attacks and partifur.

This build can pretty much solo full inter at lvl 150. (Given you don't lag and get trolled)

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