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Darkwolf0330 10-02-2008 06:04 PM

Dagger Wind Wizard Build
Idk tell me what you guys think.....:jj:
lvl 2. wind cutter 1
lvl 3. wind novice 1
lvl 4. wind novice 2
lvl 5. wind cutter 2
lvl 6. wind novice 3
lvl 7. wind novice 4
lvl 8. wind novice 5 (Maxed)
lvl 9. save 1
lvl 10. wind cutter 3 (Maxed)
lvl 11. save 2
lvl 12. save 3
lvl 13. save 4
lvl 14. save 5
lvl 15. wind skilled 6
lvl 16. wind skilled 7
lvl 17. wind skilled 8
lvl 18. wind skilled 9
lvl 19. wind skilled 10 (Maxed)
lvl 20. Cyclone Cutter 1
lvl 21. wind walk 1
lvl 22. wind walk 2
lvl 23. wind walk 3
lvl 24. wind walk 4
lvl 25. cyclone cutter
lvl 26. wind walk 5
lvl 27. wind walk 6
lvl 28. wind walk 7
lvl 29. wind walk 8
lvl 30. cyclone cutter 3 (Maxed)
lvl 31. wind walk 9
lvl 32. wind walk 10 (Maxed)
lvl 33. dagger novice 1
lvl 34. sonic dagger 1
lvl 35. sonic dagger 2
lvl 36. sonic dagger 3 (Maxed)
lvl 37. magic upgrade 1
lvl 38. magic upgrade 2
lvl 39. magic upgrade 3
lvl 40. Aero Slicers 1
lvl 41. magic upgrade 4
lvl 42. magic upgrade 5
lvl 43. magic upgrade 6
lvl 44. magic upgrade 7
lvl 45. Aero Slicers 2
lvl 46. magic upgrade 8
lvl 47. magic upgrade 9
lvl 48. magic upgrade 10 (Maxed)
lvl 49. wind expert 1
lvl 50. Areo Slicer 3 (Maxed)
lvl 51. wind expert 2
lvl 52. wind expert 3
lvl 53. wind expert 4
lvl 54. wind expert 5
lvl 55. wind expert 6
lvl 56. wind expert 7
lvl 57. wind expert 8
lvl 58. wind expert 9
lvl 59. save 1
lvl 60. tornado 1
lvl 61. Assassin dagger 1
lvl 62. Assassin dagger 2
lvl 63. Assassin Dagger 3 (maxed)
lvl 64. save 1
lvl 65. tornado 1
lvl 66. magical detection 1
lvl 67. magical detection 2
lvl 68. magical detection 3
lvl 69. save 1
lvl 70. Tornado swing 3 (Maxed)
lvl 71. magical detection 4
lvl 72. magical detection 5
lvl 73. magical detection 6
lvl 74. magical detection 7
lvl 75. magical detecti0n 8
lvl 76. magical detection 9
lvl 77. magical detection 10 (Maxed)
lvl 78. Potential of Elements 1
lvl 79. Potential of Elements 2
lvl 80. Potential of Elements 3 (Maxed)

This is just what i think would be a cool build of course you will be using a Dagger and not a staff or knuckle in this build. Its not even close to perfect, I am very open to suggestions. ^_^

Summer 10-02-2008 06:05 PM

You shouldn't be learning dagger skills. Maybe learning heal skills would be more appropriate.

Darkwolf0330 10-02-2008 06:32 PM

i say leave the healing to the healers having healing skills would only be useful if you plan to solo which is not an option for me even then why not just use a potion. Also it seems like the higher lvl quests require a party.
The dagger skills are for comboing plus i thought it would be cool. Also idk how important the misc skills are but if they are infact nessassary to max ill take from the dagger skills. Cause i only maxed the magic upgrade, and magic detection, and potential of elements very late.

DJStarScream 10-02-2008 07:05 PM

Maybe you could add some more information like what weapon you should pick or the other skills you should get along with wind.

KhentaMFL 10-02-2008 07:25 PM

As much as people bash dagger using works very well. Wind magic has nice reach allowing you to deal damage until the mob gets close to you. From there you can use dagger skills to do final touches or if need be move. The ability to JAS/Air Skill allows you to be more mobile and take less hits while still keeping up your dmg. The damage might not be high per hit, but over all I would much rather have survivability than higher damage.

People are too fixated on "Pure/Cookie Cutter Builds ", "Magic users should only ever use magic and nothing else". and "Magic uses should always have healing." I understand going hybrid means that you won't be able to get the skills lower down in the tree, but going pure/cookie cutter takes away from possible uniqueness of players and potential builds that could be great. Its all about the cookie cutters now and days in games. Guess what I'm trying to say is, where theres a will, theres a way. People always find ways to make things work (and I'm sure i seen videos of Wind Dagger uses from wide range of levels doing very well somewhere...).

Darkwolf0330 10-02-2008 11:06 PM


Originally Posted by Jono (Post 179274)
If you're getting the dagger skills too, why wait so long?

In my opinion, Dagger skills should be gotten earlier.


AH well what you could do is instead of putting into wind walker when i did put into the dagger skills, be aware though that will eat away your MP faster. which is why i waited a bit. Which is also why i thought to put into Magic upgrade after i put into the dagger skills because it increases your max MP.

oh and then your extra 10 points could go into w/e you want. But i thought that wind walker would be useful heck 75+ speed when maxed plus the 10 speed boost with the wanderer title thats 85+ speed :gar: WEEEEEE

Pentao 10-02-2008 11:10 PM

This isn't really a guide... it's just a single skill build...

Darkwolf0330 10-02-2008 11:37 PM

yea i thought about that afterwards I should have named it "Dagger Wind Wizard Build" >_< oh well.

Kudaranai 10-03-2008 06:29 AM

I'm not opposed to learning dagger skills, I love dagger skills. But learning dagger skills when you're a wind wizard is a little ridiculous. At 40, you WILL be able to combo non-stop from those 3 skills. Getting dagger skills would be a waste of points.

And you're "healing for healers" is a little eh. Any type of Wizards can learn heal and still be able to fight their asses off. If you don't want to heal others, then learning Undine/Dione heals only is still HIGHLY useful, it saves me a lot of time.

Aerodynamite 10-03-2008 02:41 PM

If I recall correctly, you can not get your shield skill so early.
You can not have level 10 of skilled mastery at level 21, I think the earliest is 23 or 24. They may as well change the required level for learning the shield skills, since you can not get them so early.

Edit: I reskilled my wizard hoping to have a shield at level 21, and I was still a little ways from being able to get it.

Kudaranai 10-03-2008 03:23 PM

^ yes, you're right. Wind Elemental Master [Skilled] has level requirements. For the level 2 of the mastery, you need to be 16. So you can't spend your saved 5 points into them at level 15.

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