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aznsakura 11-03-2009 08:15 PM

Suggestion on Latale Wiki Main Menu
I would like to suggest that the Main left column Menu thing should be kinda reformat it. Like not all of them just some of the catergory are kinda a bit messy and it look like it need some improvement.

First of all lets start with System.
I think we can start adding a bit more of new system that we have now such as PVP, Marriage, Crafting system, Class Change.

I think it would look better and nicer to have the second classes linked up with the first classes as well so new people may understand where to look rather than wondering where is this certain 2nd class is.
├ Warlord
┗ Balder

I would sort of suggest that we should just only have the Level and Location link rather than having all those 1-10, 21-20 or Training Field, Forest Area on it. Since only wiki team can change this and new Monster/Quest even field going to be add more in the future it would be smarter if we have the list of level and location on their own page which we all can edit and just leave the menu with the link name level, location. I mean you guys don't want to keep add all the new location on that small menu bar and keep updating it all the time right?
Also for monster this is option but we could have another link called Monster Tower because it is something different to normal monster and we can write up how it work/reward and such.

I was thinking we could combine the cities and field into one link maybe call it "World Map Guide" and also move the Warp Stones link from the Misc Section because Warp Stones is pretty much related to Map stuff. That way it would be more convenient on what your looking for.

This is only my opinion but maybe we could have subheading under each of the section like Weapon -> 2H sword, Spear, Dual Blade, 1H Sword..... Armor -> Hat, Upper Body, Lower Body.... Consumer -> Potion, Food, Emote Book....

Finally thing and this is not relate to the menu but is there anyway to put comment box on each of the pages? Like some people way not good at editing pages but do have the information to update it, it would be nice if we have a comment box so they can leave the information to get someone else to edit it for them.

Noperative 11-03-2009 09:17 PM

Ahaha, I don't actually work on the LaTale wiki but I can help you help yourself.
The coding for the sidebar is found at MediaWiki:Sidebar. You can copy the coding and try to make what you want at your userpage. It'll be easier to understand what you want.

There's a Talk tab next to edit, you would use that for comments/discussions.

aznsakura 11-04-2009 02:52 AM

Maybe give me some direction of obtaining those sidebar code would be nice.
Anyway I have been told to either make a thread on public so the wiki team and maybe other can agree or disagree with it or personally send a pm to one of the wiki team member.

Oh. Didn't realize that they already had comment box thing, my bad.

Medoria 11-04-2009 01:50 PM

This is the right place for your thread to be. As the poster above has said there is a "talk" page for every page where people can leave comments/suggestions/criticism/whatever. There is also this forum for such things as well.

As for the side Menu atm only a sysop can edit that, though I've been thinking about opening it up to the public and see how that goes. I, or one of the other admins, can incorporate your suggestions.
I do not play LaTale so I would need feedback from you and other latale users about what exactly would need to go in it. I'm at work atm, but i'll look at this tonight.

aznsakura 11-05-2009 01:41 AM

Actually that could be an good idea to open the side menu public for user to edit it, either we make pages to fit the side menu or make the side menu to fit with pages.

Anyway I'm looking forward to see some progress, because whenever I need a help I always go to jwiki but sometime their not handy because of the contents are quite different as well as names of an item can be a bit fuss like what this item called in English?

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