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Catharsis 07-13-2008 02:37 AM

Wiki Translators

Can you read Chinese or Japanese?
Can you type in English?
Are you as excited about LaTale closed beta as we are?

YES, YOU! ;o;

Please help the community populate the wiki! We are in need of translators who can read info off the Chinese LaTale database or the Japanese LaTale wiki so we can fill up our MOG wiki. The wiki team has done excellent progress so far, but there's just so many data! Any help would be appreciated.

Be sure to check what's already up in the wiki so we won't end up translating the same thing~ o:

But I don't know how to edit the wiki!

For those who don't feel comfortable editing the wiki directly, please post your translations in new threads in the wiki section. Put [LaTale] Translation: __(Subject)__ in the title so that wiki editors will know that it needs to be transferred to the wiki. Also, this way other translators won't end up translating the same thing.

DO NOT POST YOUR TRANSLATIONS IN THIS THREAD ANYMORE, as we are trying to organize the process (creds to team leader Kudaranai for the idea).

I don't know how to translate but I can edit the wiki!

You can help by transferring the translations in the wiki section into the wiki (see above). Please don't forget to reply to the thread that you are transferring so that others know you are already working on it, as well as to show that you helped with the wiki. ^_^


1. Skill notes, descriptions, and formulas from jWiki
- We have the numbers listed down, but many skills need descriptions on how they actually work [link]

2. Translations need to be transferred to the wiki:

3. Monsters Lvl 30+ [link]

Please reply if there's something that needs to be added... Thanks!

Thankies! <3

Miyuki 07-13-2008 02:46 AM

hai hubby <3333


Anyway, we do have existing translators around, but we'll need more translators to help us to populates the wiki, by assigning them to each parts of the game wikis.

/;o;, /enslaved ;-;


Anyway, it's recommended that you guys joins our IRC room, so that we can discuss on what, how, and which to add/edit/remove @ Latale wiki.

Don't know how? Read here.

Post #1, and Post #2


Another note:-
- The data between Korean, Japanese, Chinese information might be different, please use IRC to communicate with us regarding this info.

NoeJeko 07-13-2008 08:03 PM

Another note: It's not much, but anyone that steps up and fills these roles will be given VIP status on the forum for non-monetary contribution to MyMMOGames.

Rtothef 07-13-2008 08:40 PM

I've already started to add Warrior skills to the database.
I hope it helps.

kale15 07-13-2008 09:42 PM

I'll translate whatever you want me to translate from the japanese wiki, just PM me what you want me to get.

Catharsis 07-14-2008 07:45 PM


Originally Posted by kale15 (Post 51725)
I'll translate whatever you want me to translate from the japanese wiki, just PM me what you want me to get.


*hugs* YAY

Can I ask for help with this? There's a section on that page with class descriptions. ^_^
*ᥤ - ơ Wiki*

I'm trying to look for character "stories" but I can seem to remember the source... >_>

Sheep 07-14-2008 08:54 PM

We have Azusa 8D *kidnaps her* She helped with the translations of the skills and weapon pages =D

Catharsis 07-14-2008 09:10 PM

Azusa's overworked as it is. We need more translators. ;w;

Rtothef 07-14-2008 09:13 PM


Originally Posted by Catharsis (Post 53432)
Azusa's overworked as it is. We need more translators. ;w;

Quote for the Truth.
I applaud Azusa's efforts, as well as all the rest of you.

I mean it, thank you.

NoeJeko 07-15-2008 04:06 AM

Translators are a rare commodity. I've been part of 3 anime fansub groups - two were startups and the translators were the spots we had the hardest time filling. Thanks to all who take the time to translate for us - there are few that can do your job.

WhatThePhuc 07-15-2008 04:11 AM

omg what would i do without you translators
i'm playing chinese latale right now and i can't understand anything ;.;

Catharsis 07-16-2008 02:45 AM

Uhm... Anyone? Come on, just basic class descriptions from this: *ᥤ - ơ Wiki*

? QQ

Miyuki 07-16-2008 10:14 AM

I've added some, it's translated from Chinese tho, should be the same :x

Links are @ my Wiki profile [lol, need grammatical fix]

kale15 07-16-2008 11:28 AM


Originally Posted by Catharsis (Post 55345)
Uhm... Anyone? Come on, just basic class descriptions from this: *ᥤ - ơ Wiki*

? QQ

I'm working on it, I'm not that great with kanji so I have to refer to my book for those.

Mysteria 07-16-2008 11:32 AM

Well I'm originally chinese....but I'm not sure I can exactly translate the chinese Wiki. Could someone give me the link to it so I could try???

EDIT: Nvm looks like it was in the first post LOL.
EDIT EDIT: looks like I can do it but barely........ what should I try translating first?

Miyuki 07-16-2008 04:25 PM

Come to our IRC channel to discuss more if you're unsure "/.

We welcomes translators abroad =3

Sheep 07-17-2008 12:16 PM

chinese latale - Google Search

We appear on the 3rd one 8DD

Miyuki 07-17-2008 05:17 PM

Mine ish ignored ;;

Mysteria 07-17-2008 08:05 PM

Well I found out I have a low attention span and I don't feel like translating anymore LOL. Im gonna go ride my bike now. Maybe when I feel like im dedicated..............srry

If you want I can like translate like 1 skill or a weapon/monster!!?? (wont be much help though)

KryoSan 07-18-2008 09:08 AM

Uhh ... I was a Japanese translator for a few wikis awhile back, and I'm gonna lend some insight here, though it should be common sense. DON'T TAKE INFO FROM FOREIGN GAMES. Mainly because they are already updated further then the NA, Euro, etc. Versions. Seeing as things are subjected too change at any given time it is better to wait, and when the patches or updates are released to dedicate time on learning everything/doing everything in it. It could cause the death of a wiki. As I would know >_<. It is up too you where and how you get the info, but I would advice against foreign guides unless they are EXACTLY the Same.

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