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airikita 12-03-2008 06:42 PM

Missing Weapons for level 80~85
I noticed missing weapons and armor in the item listings, they are found on the Killer Whale Ship during the day. This ticket can be found by fighting the crew at night. It is like the night ticket bought at the Elfa misc. shop, but it has (Day) instead of (Night), it is much like a traveler's haven.

The lady pirate sells armor, and the captain sells weapons, the high level items are found in option 4 on both NPCs.

I do not have information for each item, there is too many to list. Plus, I'm out of day tickets to go back to check... so if someone can do that, that would be good. One of the items I got there was a Gold Poniard Dagger (Lv.85), and is unlisted as to where to get it in this list: LaTale:Dagger List - Wiki

I also found Red Dragon Scale armor, and I'm pretty sure it's where I got Blue Crystal armor.

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