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11-29-2010   #1 (permalink)
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Default Lvl 120+ Guitar with 4x/4x with Upgrade Dura!!

Yeah hi, I really need a new guitar D: But I fail at puzzling, if anyone happens to have a 4x / 4x (Max / Min magic damage) with a little bit of wiggle room for upgrades (I'd like to get it up to 160 ~ 165 in the end. I would like it to be an NPC guitar ( Please.. ) You can whisper me at Jelloh, Jiruu, MoLest, or Perversive. If I'm not on any of them, just send Jelloh a mail. I'm willing to work out prices when I see what's being offered! thanks!
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12-01-2010   #2 (permalink)
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Why are you upgrading a guitar Frecks?

The base damage you see is for physical damage if you run around smacking things with it and want to hit harder by all means upgrade. If its for looks, ie you want the flawless blue or green, its your dura your wasting on vanity. This is why you see some high level bards running around with Hallows or the blue telecaster...

I have my old 3x/4x (I dont remember the exact stats) it has some play room dura on it...its a Pink Telecaster...if you want to buy it, whisper me or send me a mail in game to remind me about it.
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12-02-2010   #3 (permalink)
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Kyubi will become famous soon enoughKyubi will become famous soon enough
Send a message via MSN to Kyubi
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Xfire: No XFire lawl

She wants a certain guitar sprite,hence the upgrade dura want.
I even told her all that in game. XD

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