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Default Question about Striders

I was excited about 3rd job, but at the verge of hitting 140, I have my doubts.
According to the wiki, there don't seem to be much of a difference between Bladers and Striders, except I heard Striders deal less damage than Bladers.
I can see why: at level 140, once advanced, I won't have the points to max the skill for 20% min/max increase. But is there another damage reduction I don't know about?
Overdrive does the same thing, still 1% crit rate, 3% crit damage per level, except wiki says the max level is 12 instead of 10. But upon advancing, does my guviller blades's effect stop working unless I upgrade it to +6? That means I have to get my hands on 6 more Guviller blades just to have a 2% cr, 6% cd increase?
How does the new combos work? Do they work after using my 5th regular combo? If it is, then I don't see the point to it. I rarely use my 5th combo-seeing how if it takes 12 hits to kill a monster, I shouldn't really be grinding on it.
I have my doubts about advancing to a strider at 140. It seems like I have to go through hell--finding a way to kill Geral and climbing Monster tower without 5th tier. And once I succeed, it looks like there's no reward for being 3rd job. Should I advance now or should I hold it off till I can get enough skill points to get my 20 min/max skill to minimize the damage reduction?
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