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04-18-2009   #1 (permalink)
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Default Knuckle warrior build help please

I've been playing as a knuckle warrior, simply because swords are too slow for me. But I'm in a pinch because I don't know in what skils i should invest my skill points. Does anyboddy have a good build for knuckle warrior?
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04-19-2009   #2 (permalink)
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Thread moved to Warrior Type Discussion.

04-21-2009   #3 (permalink)
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IGN: RandlArancion
Class: Knuckle Knight > Guardian lt_guardian
Level: 6X

If you end up enjoying Knuckles a lot, you may want to start a Knuckle Knight instead, since they can jobchange to Guardian, and get skills to help amplify the movement abilities that Knuckle skills usually retain(Especially The last three fist skills; The last three kick skills, and the last Blast skill.).

Buuuuuut I could try and give a crack at it, no guarantees, though, because I'm a Knuckle Knight. It is completely your choice to take in what I suggest, regardless that I personally have experience as a Knuckle Knight--But I will point out the huge differences that class will make at the very end.

First of all, you'll need to decide on two skill trees, and only two. You can think about three after jobchanging(Unless you're going Blader, then kiss all of your active attack skills and dreams of ever using Knuckles with that character byebye forever. I am being dead serious, here.). Some people say to go with Fist and <choose.>, but I say in my experiences, to go with Kick and <choose.>. I personally picked Kick/Blasts, because I have played with all of the skills before, and I am content with Blasts more right now.

To help you make your choice, here are the main points of the skills:

Kicks : Execute almost immediately, if not instantly after use. These also move you around the battlefield a bit, and in some cases, this can help you avoid damage. These will start weak, but become a bit stronger. These hit two targets at a time before jobchange.

Blasts : Mid to Long Range and mid powered, these blasts rack up many combo hits and with the right equipment and build, can almost keep up with a Fist skill's power. These start strong but will begin to frail a bit as you go on. The first skill hits two targets at a time, the second and fourth hit three at a time, and I have had experiences where the third skill has hit four targets before jobchange.

Fists : These are the highest damage skills out of the Knuckle skills. If these score crits, they are likely to hurt. These however have the slowest activation times and don't move you as much as Kicks do. These hit two targets before jobchange.

TL;DR? Here's a ten second outline of the skill trees:

Kicks are FASTEST.
Blasts are LONGEST and most CUMULATIVE.
Fists are STRONGEST.

Choose either Fists or Blasts, and let's get started. It is vital that you choose what you're most comfortably suited with, and that you know about each skill type.

In order:
Lv 1 - N/A
Lv 2 - Knuckle Mastery lv1
Lv 3 - Knuckle Mastery lv2
Lv 4 - Knuckle Mastery lv3
Lv 5 - Flame Kick Lv1
Lv 6 - <First Skill of whatever you chose> Lv1
Lv 7 - Knuckle Mastery lv4
Lv 8 - <First Skill of whatever you chose> Lv2
Lv 9 - Flame Kick lv2
Lv 10 - <First Skill of whatever you chose> Lv3

By now you should have recieved your Elias Save stone Skillpoint. So here's where you should place it.

ELIASSTONE - STR Upgrade lv1
Lv 11 - Flame Kick Lv3
Lv 12 - Knuckle Mastery Lv5
Lv 13 - STR Upgrade Lv2
Lv 14 - STR Upgrade Lv3
Lv 15 - Knuckle Mastery(Skilled) Lv1
Lv 16 - Knuckle Mastery(Skilled) Lv2
Lv 17 - Knuckle Mastery(Skilled) Lv3
Lv 18 - Knuckle Mastery(Skilled) Lv4
Lv 19 - Knuckle Mastery(Skilled) Lv5
Lv 20 - <Second Skill of whatever you chose> Lv1
Lv 21 - Wind Kick Lv1
Lv 22 - Knuckle Mastery(Skilled) lv6
Lv 23 - Knuckle Mastery(Skilled) lv7
Lv 24 - Knuckle Mastery(Skilled) lv8
Lv 25 - <Second Skill of whatever you chose> Lv2
Lv 26 - Wind Kick Lv2
Lv 27 - Knuckle Mastery(Skilled) lv9
Lv 28 - Knuckle Mastery(Skilled) lv10
Lv 29 - STR Upgrade Lv4
Lv 30 - <Second Skill of whatever you chose> Lv3
Lv 31 - Wind Kick lv3
Lv 32 - Knuckle Mastery(Expert) Lv1
Lv 33 - Knuckle Mastery(Expert) Lv2
Lv 34 - Knuckle Mastery(Expert) Lv3
Lv 35 - STR Upgrade Lv7
Lv 36 - STR Upgrade Lv8
Lv 37 - STR Upgrade Lv9
Lv 38 - STR Upgrade Lv10
Lv 39 - Knuckle Mastery(Expert) Lv4
Lv 40 - <Third Skill of whatever you chose> Lv1
Lv 41 - Crescent Kick Lv1
Lv 42 - Knuckle Mastery(Expert) Lv5
Lv 43 - Knuckle Mastery(Expert) Lv6
Lv 44 - Knuckle Mastery(Expert) Lv7
Lv 45 - <Third Skill of whatever you chose> Lv2
Lv 46 - Crescent Kick Lv2
Lv 47 - Knuckle Mastery(Expert) Lv8

From here, you should choose either the Rage path, or the Concentration path. You will be able to go back and obtain both later after jobchange. We need to continue the basic frame of the build for stability. I'll be inserting more brackets like I have before for those skills.

Lv 48 - <Chosen First Rage/Concentration skill> Lv1
Lv 49 - <Chosen First Rage/Concentration skill> Lv2
Lv 50 - <Third Skill of whatever you chose> Lv3
Lv 51 - Crescent Kick Lv3
Lv 52 - <Chosen First Rage/Concentration skill> Lv3
Lv 53 - <Chosen First Rage/Concentration skill> Lv4
Lv 54 - <Chosen First Rage/Concentration skill> Lv5
Lv 55 - <Chosen First Rage/Concentration skill> Lv6
Lv 56 - <Chosen First Rage/Concentration skill> Lv7
Lv 57 - Unused. Absolutely do NOT touch this skillpoint.
Lv 58 - Unused. Absolutely do NOT touch this skillpoint.
Lv 59 - Unused. Absolutely do NOT touch this skillpoint.

Why didn't you use those skill points yet? Because from now on your active attack skills cost two points to level up. So by the time you're level 60... You guessed it:

Lv 60 - BOTH <Last skill of chosen tree> lv1 AND Dragon Kick Lv1

Do your research on Jump > attack > Skill. Because now you can perform almost a complete double jump with Jump > Plain Attack > Crescent Kick > Dragon Kick. This makes climbing easier, especially in the Longest Tree.

Lv 61 - Knuckle Mastery(Expert) Lv9
Lv 62 - Knuckle Mastery(Expert) Lv10
Lv 63 - <Chosen First Rage/Concentration skill> Lv8
Lv 64 - <Chosen First Rage/Concentration skill> Lv9
Lv 65 - <Chosen First Rage/Concentration skill> Lv10

Now, decide whether you want to:

Begin your Debuffs tree(far right of Misc skills, active.).
Begin your other choice of Rage or Concentration.(Remember, you CAN NOT use both Rage and Concentration at the same time.)
Continue your current tree.

Here's what I would do, this is just me.

Lv 66 - Overpowering Gaze lv1
Lv 67 - Overpowering Gaze lv2
Lv 68 - Overpowering Gaze lv3
Lv 69 - Overpowering Gaze lv4
Lv 70 - Overpowering Gaze lv5
Lv 71 - Threatening Gaze lv1
Lv 72 - Threatening Gaze lv2
Lv 73 - Threatening Gaze lv3
Lv 74 - Threatening Gaze lv4
Lv 75 - Threatening Gaze lv5
Lv 76 - Threatening Gaze lv6
Lv 77 - Threatening Gaze lv7
Lv 78 - Threatening Gaze lv8
Lv 79 - Threatening Gaze lv9
Lv 80 - Threatening Gaze lv10

Because -40% of Enemies DEF, is a lot.

And that's all I'm going to try and illustrate.

Now, to explain why I personally have suggested this outline to jobchange:

This is based a bit off of my custom Knuckle Knight build and is reliant on both your Misc skills and your enchantments. Your accuracy will begin nicely, but as you pump Misc skills toward your end 50s you will see it begin to lack. If you have chosen the Concentration tree, then this will not be a problem, in addition, if your gloves and/or weapon have accuracy enchants of them, you will see very little problems at all.
EDIT: You should have no problems with Accuracy according to the new build I have fixed. If you decide to go with Rage and have Accuracy enchants plus Threatening Gaze, you will literally be a powerhouse on turbo.

Knuckles are an excellent mobbing weapon because of how well and fast they rack up combo hits(Except Fists.), how fast they are(Except for Last two Blasts and every fist with the exception of Chulsango.), how they allow you to move around as your fight(Except for the First Kick, the first three Blasts and the first Fist.) and how strong they are(Except The first two Blasts, and the first two Kicks.), based on which two trees you picked.

However, the mobbing style depends muchly on the individual character, and because every other job's Defense cannot match that of a Knight with full STA +30% and DEF +30% passives, they are very likely to be unable to mob as effectively, or as many monsters at a time. This is the main reason why I advise you to try Knuckle Knight if you enjoy Knuckles, you will get the full effectiveness of the mobbing systematics from it. The less DEF you have, the more likely you are to get stunlocked to a pulp by a mob greater than four monsters. And since you cannot use a Shield with Knuckles, it makes Knuckle users even more susceptible to flinching.

But, don't give up yet! Keep in mind that when you hit multiple monsters, the damage you deal is SPLIT between them and their defense reduces each fragment of your total damage. So you could just go 1-1 or only gather 1-2 monsters before skilling. You will see your Warrior passives go to work against single monsters, and the speed and ease of Knuckles will make it a unique experience for you.

But, I will say once again, that if you are going to jobchange into a Blader, then all of your Knuckle work will be forgotten, since Bladers can only use Double Blades, and no active attack skills whatsoever.

I know this post is already humongous, but I'm going to compare the Knuckle Warrior and the Knuckle Knight side by side, in hopes of helping you reach a decision.

Pro : +
Equal : =
Con : -

Knuckle KNT

+ Can jobchange to Guardian and amplify Knuckle skills.
+ Can tab for Bucklers(Knight exclusive shields with much higher DEF earlier.).
+ High survivability.
+ Much less likely to become stunlocked when mobbing.
+ Great EXP values due to ability to mob effectively.
+ Higher comboes, thus higher EXP bonuses and Ely bonuses.
= Great mobility.
= Fast attacks.
= Sucks SP dry.
- Lower DMG output.
- Lower accuracy.
- Does not get DEF reduction skill until jobchange.

Knuckle WAR

+ Higher Damage output.
+ Higher Accuracy.
+ Has DEF reduction skill.
= Great mobility.
= Fast attacks.
= Sucks SP dry.
- Not enough survivability to mob more than two monsters of same level without risk.
- Lower comboes.
- Much higher chance to get stunlocked.
- Mobbing ineffectivity.
- Can't Tab to Shields.
- Can not amplify Knuckle skills after jobchange(Heard that JP Knuckle Warrior, the skills after changing to Knuckle Warlord did not recieve any II tier Knuckle Skills.(Need clarification.)), like Guardian.

And that's all for my lengthy advice. Again, it is completely your choice to follow this outline, and feel free to modify it to your liking. But no critique please, it's my custom build for a reason of playstyle. ;3

But once again, I strongly advise Knuckle Knight if you prefer Knuckles.

Last edited by RandlArancion; 04-21-2009 at 02:03 PM. Reason: Fixed Build. Made errors in math. xD
04-21-2009   #4 (permalink)
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Level: 6X

Wow. Now that I look at it again, this is a fantastic build. ^

Any WAR could replace the Knuckle skills and accuracy points with their weapon of choice acc/skills and it would be effective.

Holy crap.
05-20-2009   #5 (permalink)
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lol if u wanna look in my guide it has a section for knuckle warriors its "Neko's warrior guide" in the warrior guide section XD
04-23-2012   #6 (permalink)
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How do you upgrade STR using your skill point? The one I'm looking at requires me to be level 30 along with 27,000ELY
04-23-2012   #7 (permalink)
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In the future, please do not necro a thread over two weeks old.

As a Warrior, you should have a General skill tab that has a skill called Strength Upgrade. That can easily give you 30% Strength if you max it.

As for the skill you saw, those are called Ely skills. It requires you to be level 30 and 27k Ely to unluck. After that, it's 100k Ely per level. The end cost is about 5mil Ely to get it to level 50.

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