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09-16-2012   #1 (permalink)
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Default Spear Warlord preparation

After rather bad experience with my Blader I decided to off him and make a spear WL because IMO they have better survivability and Windmill tree makes it all easy ^^

So here I am, asking again for equipment and skill advice.

My current equips are:
Coli Spear
Coli Stamina Set
Coli Luck Accesory Set
Soul Warrior Crest (later I'm gonna switch from crest to Phoenix Earring)
Tiger Sign+4

I intend to enchant stuff with luck/crit/movement.

I'd like to ask for a skill build for lv 80 spear WL because its hard to find any ^^; Any later levels would be much appreciated too ^^

1) Is it true that WL lose Rage?
2) I have +7 Goblin Warrior earrings & ring left from my Blade. Should I use them or sell them?
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