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Archae 12-21-2011 03:57 PM

Warrior, which weapon?
This counts as a question right? I don't want to post in the warrior thread because there seems to be no one there.

Since skill points are reset at level 80 when changing jobs, I take it that it doesn't matter which weapon I choose from level 1-80.

I'm thinking of being a 2h sword warrior but I don't know if knuckles are any good. Are they good or sword is better?

If I choose sword, I guess I should get all the 2h sword mastery but should I go to the shock wave path or the twin blade path? Or is that through preference?

For the misc skill do I just get concentration and strength upgrade? If I don't have enough points do I add more strength or more accuracy?

That's all the questions I have for now. :py33: <-- a random carrot

BoredomKillz 12-21-2011 04:05 PM

sry still goes in the warrior section =P

as a warlord you can not use knuckles anymore. it is only 2h sword or spear. if you do go sword, i think most ppl tend to go down both trees (at lvl 125 at least not sure before then). also you do want to get all your masteries case then it unlocks 5th tier at later levels

as for miscs, im not sure what warlord has anymore lol but ithink going down concentration tree is the best bet. you should just get the bare minimum to get scar through that tree. also the buff tree is fairly good. if you get buffs as well go only up to blood thirsty aura

MeanieRyuch 12-21-2011 06:47 PM

Imo until you get to level 95 or more, spear's a better all-round weapon. Sword is neat but the first job skill versions have absolutely lousy range. Once you can get most/all the 2nd job skills at 95/110, sword is spear's equal, if not better.

As for build, concentration tree is the better imo but, if you choose to get both attack trees, you won't be able to get hardly any misc at all. I didn't mind this since I think warrior/warlord misc is also lousy but others might disagree. If you do single tree, most prefer twin blade sword and windmill spear.

Archae 12-22-2011 01:24 AM

But if I just want to get to level 80 and reset (I will get a reset at job advancement right?), should the method be sword/spear/knuckles?

i.e. I'll consider what weapon I'll use past level 80 but for now ...
are knuckles bad then?

MeanieRyuch 12-22-2011 03:06 AM

Imo first job knuckle skills are kinda sucky but go with whatever feels right.

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