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SkittlesX333 06-10-2011 02:39 AM

Windows 7 + New OGP + Applocal ?
I'm not having any luck searching, but I'm wondering being the fact I'm on Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit, Could I use Applocal with the new launcher? I'm aiming to fix character issues and make the font a little more bigger and read-able in game. I know it worked with the old launcher (Way back in the day) But I haven't been able to find much, If any information on whether or not it'll work with Windows 7 and the new Launcher.

Anyone care to chime in?

Cinnamon 06-10-2011 05:27 AM

I would like to know as well, I'll try when I can get to use my computer. Also, on a another note, is it possible to use applocale to view LT in another language? English really isn't my best.

Sandrie 06-10-2011 08:27 AM

I don't think applocale would work because of the way OGP forces you to go through their launcher to play latale.

The only way I can think of is to change system locale into japanese/korean, but let me test this before I confirm anything.

And @Cinner it will still be english even if it was launched in a different language in applocale. The only difference is those funny looking yen and other signs would be ☆ or ※, I forget.

edit: Okay I've tried Japanese system locale, heck I changed my OS into Japanese and it completely failed to make the font any bigger. I guess it really doesn't work anymore (note the ッ and リ, meaning I got it into unicode/japanese at least)
oh yeah this was done on Win 7 64 bit .

Manabi 06-10-2011 01:25 PM

You're correct Sandrie, AppLocale won't work because you have to go through OGP's launcher.... But, it might work with the VLOW shortcut that you create using the method in this thread:
How to enable VLOW Post-Hell's Door Update
I haven't tried it, but there's no reason that wouldn't work, AppLocale doesn't change the executable any, just tricks it into thinking it's running in a different system locale from default.

But, your research into changing system locale says that trying this is probably pointless as it's unlikely to change the font size any.

SeiHiroZaiaku 12-10-2011 05:58 AM

actually it does. go to applocale and click on the Korean language (make sure you also have Korean lang. pack installed. there should be 4 characters of the Korean listed here.) it is only supported for XP/2003 server

however if you are able to get it to work, click , like i said, on the four characters that you think is korean. after that. restart your OGPLauncher then click on latale. it should run perfrectly. it always worked on XP but it seems windows 7 doesnt support it if you have Ultimate

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