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Lydasquid 08-20-2012 02:48 AM

Inspiration thread
Hello! This is a little idea I had whilst using the character simulator the other day. This thread is for posting pictures, videos and other tat that inspire you to keep going with your character. The main part though, involves using the character simulator どあ☆らて Ver.1.0 to create a picture of what you want your character to eventually achieve.

1) Use どあ☆らて Ver.1.0 to create a picture of your 'dream' character
2) Post that picture here, explaining what your character is/equipment it has
3) Post again when you reach a milestone, such as getting the set of equipment you wanted or reaching 2nd/3rd job

I'll give an example with my own screenshot:
I currently have an explorer, pretty noob level at the moment. I eventually want a gunslinger/duelist with full witie set, corala guns and a few fashions.

So yeah! Post away and good luck to all!

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