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KouNeeSama 05-29-2013 07:50 AM

elemental meowster questions
regarding the combo to kill mobs, i'm kinda puzzled, i used to be able to get both I and II skills, now i just have III and their cd is higher too, sometimes i can't cast anything cause everything is on cd >_< am using wind any tips ? should i get other elements ?

currently i have 30 free points, but just cause i stopped (i'd lose 12+m by resetting my skills)

about skills i'm not sure if they're worth, since i regret getting rage of jini i'd like opinions:

under magic tab, wind
Dark hole, 3sp x1 level, omni-elemental as it seems
Lightning storm, 2sp x? level, wind elem, need mastery exo lev 10 to get
wind elemental master 5sp x1? level, "floating effect and knockback stronger"
run of mateor, another omni-element i guess

under support
magic boosting, 1x10, increase 20 matk per level
extrasensory, 1x10, cd decrease, and fills the ap gauge (20 ap per level ?) active skill (meaning low duration?)

also uhm.. did you all lost the 5th tier skill too ? i'm pretty sure i had done it.. but the ap bar showed up only after i changed to EM, under skills i've got this "wonder lauper" tho, did they switch it to this one ?

thanks for the help

BoredomKillz 05-29-2013 08:35 AM

you can go dual element if you want but its not really recommended unless you have a dual element stone or npc stone. if you do go dual element, the suggested element is water (1 sp into bubble bubble, 1 sp into ice fear, 5 sp into ice storm, 5 sp into hailstone, 5 sp into that last skill whose name i forget)

if you do not want to go dual element then your options are to learn the neutral elements (rage of genie and the two skills below) and use them as filler skills while your regular ones are on CD. these skills rely on all elements and so are strongest with an npc stone

your 5th tier is lightning storm btw. take advantage of the current event. until june 13 skill resets are free (sans buying the reset book from npcs). you can learn any and all skills for free, including your 5th tier. play around with builds as much as you can until you find one you like

for support skills there are many builds that you can use at end game. one good build that has a lot of survivability is to max mana shield and equivalent exchange. mana shields makes it so that you take damage to your mp instead of hp and equivalent exchange takes 25% of your str stat and adds it to your magic stat times the skill level (formula is (str)*.25*skill level = stat gain)

if you are looking for a pure damage build then just getting maxed elemental protection is fine and then going down the crit tree up until you max the magic intensity skill. if youre a single element get the respective element stat intensity skill (dont remember what its called but there are no prerequisites and each element has one)

not really sure how relevant the last wind mastery is sry :c but the dark hole skill is good to have just in case you might need it. ruin of meteo isnt terribly great but can be good in colo or against bosses that wont move that much

KouNeeSama 06-02-2013 09:41 AM

i see, now let's just jope i get some time and motivation to grind \o\

SOC 06-02-2013 10:07 AM

I haven't had to grind in so long, I just quest all the time. I guess in some quest strings it's better to grind.

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