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Gilbert 08-09-2012 08:30 PM

LaTale 3rd/sub jobs!? T_T
I'm in need of some pros and cons comparison (I'm terribly sorry, these questions were probably asked about google amounts of time....)
I'm currently trying to decide a class, but I can't seems to make up my mind. I'm mostly interested in magician and explorer. I already have a 14x GS (I have yet to become a duelist.) and I've heard some bad comments on how Duelist are possibly the worst 3rd job in the game so far. I'm pretty curious as to how Judgement are compare to Duelist though....(They look really fun with that speed boost skill that makes them attack really fast >w<)

I also heard that Rune Walker/ Rouge Masters are very powerful and awesome and all that good I'm tempted to make one....but im not sure if I want to play another explorer class....(it literally took me ages to get to 14x and I feel very ashamed about it lllOrz)

As for the magician side.....I'm kind of swaying towards the bard path. If someone can tell me their personal experience on being a bard AND sorcerer, follow by their 3rd jobs, that'll be awesome. I personally love Elemental masters and phantom mages' flashy skills, and is afraid that maybe bard will get too repetitive? (I've never played a bard before, so excuse my assumptions.)

Personal opinions are very much appreciated!
Thank you for your time~

BoredomKillz 08-09-2012 08:49 PM

as far as 3rd jobs go i would prolly classify duelist as the worst as well lol but really its not all that bad unless youre geared so bad you cant kb anything. if you cant kb mobs your level with sitting and shooting and shooting forward, then you will most likely hate the class lol but in the end i suppose all classes are like that

i cant comment on judgement since i dont have one, but just from looks theyre really slow without the attack speed buff. i dont think i would personally like it because of that but idk

i have both RW and RM and i have to say its one of my favorite classes. currently a bow BW, but ive also tried dagger. once season two comes i think that dagger will become even funner. all the RW weapons are good and the massive amounts of crit rate stuff that they get are fun

i think in the end all classes get repetitive and boring. but i guess some more so than others. GS and support bard are prolly the most repetitive. if you dont get any ice magic you will either be spamming evil sound or heals, this doesnt change much as a minstrel. my EM is lvl 193 and is water/earth. i really do enjoy it and the skills are pretty and flashy x] personally i prefer EM over minstrel

also one thing about the repetitiveness. all sub classes (except maestro and star seeker) are pretty much the same in a sense that they spam normal and hard attacks with the occasional skill here and there. i think theyre fun but in a way theyre just like bladers with more skills lol

Gilbert 08-10-2012 06:44 PM

If GS/Duelist are considered worst 3rd job, then what's the best 3rd job out there? I just might make a RW when 2nd season comes....and maybe a bard too o3o

BoredomKillz 08-10-2012 07:04 PM

mmmmmm hard to say lol if you have good latency then perhaps strider. if not then prolly RW or dragoon

Gilbert 08-10-2012 11:14 PM

I have awesome latency ~. (shot
But stridder = bladder = repeat attack forever and ever.....But I guess I have no right to say this because I play a GS ...TAT;;

Than you so much for answering my questions!!

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