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1xXMickeyMouseXx1 01-16-2012 05:14 PM

Eh...i am stuck on lvl 34 -_-
I am a spear warrior and so far its fun but i have no one to party with, so that makes it hard for spooky and the quests in young gyoung aren't really helping me level up >_<,Plus i am low on ely. So my question do i level up faster and make more ely? I have heard of Shangri la but i am not sure if its for my level or not? Also i found out my ping is ,would that be okay for blader? I barely lag also. Also i am from Aurora IL. :py35:


KillerTofu 01-17-2012 02:53 AM

At your level, I suspect you'll have a tough time at Shangri-la. You may be able to slowly take on the monsters in the instance, but the boss will probably crush you without help from a higher-leveled player.

Have you looked for quests in Aoich? There should be quests available there for Cherry Lake and in the Dark Moon Castle after you get a few more levels. I believe you're at the right level for Snowfield quests from Elias too.

Check out Pie's Quest Guide (or the level-sorted version) to see which quests you can get.

Krem 01-17-2012 09:11 AM

Your ping is decent for a blader but you won't be the fastest one in the game.

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