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Lefty 07-22-2011 05:03 PM

Golden Eggs, Adv EXP, Guidebooks
Hiya, I just rejoined LaTale after like a 3 month leave, and last time I was on there was that Gift Box event and now I have a ton of stuff in my inventory. The stuff I need a PC on are:

- Goose of Golden Egg x2
- Normal Suntan Coupon x37
- Advanced EXP Pot x99
- Step by Step GB x23
- Sexy Dance GB x16
- Hwangjin Dance GB x18
- Tomato Sandwich x40

Thank you in advanced~ :py05:

Phantasm 08-03-2011 08:29 PM

I see Geese of Golden Egg selling for 10mil-12mil ea. on people's shops. As for the other items, I can't give you a price but their prices still seem relatively low imo..

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