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dkmax 10-10-2011 11:52 AM

Tengu pet + more
Hello everyone. :py44:
can I get a price check on these items:pregunta:

Tengu pet
Corala soul urn
Stat pownder coupon
Candy Dagger
Chocolate shield
Pet charger
Tartaria phail
Superior xp potion
Four leaf clover channel
Gota set

Shippo~ 10-11-2011 04:26 AM

I saw some Tengus for 25m the other day, but they're probably worth a bit less than that and Pet Chargers I've seen anywhere between 9.6m~13m recently.

LilPhenyl 10-11-2011 11:05 AM

Phials are usually worth 1m-3m depending on the buyer and how desperate he/she is.

Tengus are 20m-30m, mostly because Stewart/Maid pets are very similar, and can be bought for astros/are also better looking. Well, that and the fact Tigers/Wisps are way in more demand than Tengus.

Pet chargers are 9-11m OUTSIDE of Auction. If you toss it up for 13m in the AH, it'd be bought eventually. (See: people being desperate and/or too lazy to find it outside the AH)

4 Leaf Mics go for 600k-800k.

Gota sets, as most function sets, go for 15m-30m. You could easily sell it for 20m, though. It really depends on how many of X sets are up for sale and how many other popular ones are up for sale. (Peeps go for the popular ones first, and then the cheapest versions of your set) Just check around the player-store area and AH before tossing it up for sale.

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