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DeadSkill 09-05-2010 12:23 AM

Saito Male and SS5 coins (5)
K first the Saito set, for the full set you need the Shoes and the Sword thats all right? plus the Main set ofc to make it a full set so I can get the extra 25% stuff that i wanna know before buying the Saito from some1.

I offer so far on Saito Male 15mil for a generous will go max 20mil.

And then its the coins well every1 sells diffrently so here's what I offer and I wanna buy all 5 at the same time for the biggest part. So here the price I offer: 5 SS coins 40mil thats 8 mil each if you wanna count. So again 5 SS5 Coins for 40 mil.

Ingame name well hope many ppl can spell it or just write here and I will say which ppl ofc I will make a Deal With.

ign: Agaryulnaer <<< a hard name to remember but hehe every1 gotta have some strange name, and its elvish thats why so strange

Zuro 09-05-2010 05:56 AM

Saito Male acutally only needs the shoes and not the sword. The sword is included with the armor since it's an overall.

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