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06-05-2010   #1 (permalink)
ggFTW Moogler
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La TaleElsword
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Kyubi will become famous soon enoughKyubi will become famous soon enough
Send a message via MSN to Kyubi
IGN: KyubiYakumo
Class: RW/Bard/Warrior lt_treasurehunter
Level: 16x/13x/7x
Guild: Guild lead,LunarBreak
Xfire: No XFire lawl
Default What Drako is Selling/Buying

Since my mule has a lotte clutter I'm deciding to do what everyone with a house full of clutter does..garage sell it all for easy money. o3o

Note: Mail offers to 'KyubiYakumo' in game to buy anything listed. o3o Reserving any item is allowed.

Selling at the moment
Invoke Staffs
179 Dura
132 Dura

Invoke 2H
117 Dura

Sphinx Dagger
142 Dura

Sphinx 2H
175 Dura

Vintor Mats
Hearts x9
Diamonds x3
Club x4
Black x7
Red x4
Blue x6

Coa Mats
Hearts x4
Diamonds x11
Jade x6

Guild Coins x4
Shiny Ores x10

SS5 Scrolls x 5
Tengu Urn

Buying at the moment
Coa's Spades and Gold Statues 80k~100k each

KyubiYakumo-Lv 15x Bow TH
DrakoSingetail-Lv 10xx Bard
RemeliaScarletLv 8x Spear Warlord
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06-05-2010   #2 (permalink)
/gg FTW! Lurker
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Glycine is on a distinguished road
IGN: Euthrosyne
Class: Bow Explorer
Level: 75

Might I put on hold the DMP urn for now? Considering the fact you can get Dark Moon Arjunas from Weak Weapon Coupons, the price should have gone down a bit, but I still need to make enough to pay you. xD


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