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sqvirel 10-24-2011 05:05 AM

Flea Market, lots of stuff
Hi there. I've noticed that my mules have amassed a great deal of items, and auctioning them is a bit of a hassle so I've decided to post them here.

You can leave your offer here or PM me in game : Lesath

Tactful Band+3 (dur 113, STR Lv 9+27)
Tactful Plate+3 (dur 127, STR Lv 10+41)
Tactful Clip+3 (dur 117, STR Lv 12+51)
Tactful Gloves+3 (dur 114, CRIT Lv 10+37%)
Tactful Band+3 (dur 114, MOVE Lv 12+52)
Hyunmu Mountain Spear+2 (dur 169)
Sandman Hurricane Hammer (dur 198)
Canine God Spirit Sword+1 (dur 186)
Canine God Spirit Sword (dur 181)
Canine God Spirit Sword (dur 155)
Club Case (dur 260)
Breadman Chocolatier Ring (dur 105)
Breadman Chocolatier Ring (dur 138)
Breadman Chocolatier Ring (dur 155)
Yellow Stocking (dur 167, STR Lv 10+21, EVA Lv 10+17%)
Valhalla Crystal (dur 155)
Green Glass (dur 178, STR Lv 10+33, ACC Lv 8+12%)

129 x I'm a Millionaire Guide Book
405 x I'm a Ranker Guide Book
548 x 99 La Tale World Juice
616 x 99 La Tale World Beef Burger
582 x 99 La Tale World Sandwich
7 x Crystal Mine Ticket (1 hour)
126 x Crystal Mine Ticket (30 min)
99 x Gemstone Stand Paint
2 x Enhanced XP Holy Water
99 x Fight Arena Warp Capsule
25 x Enhanced Item Nostrum
60 x Special Snow Raccoon Hot Spring Ticket
12 x Peach Can
Enhanced XP Potion
Superior XP Potion
4 x Prime XP Potion

3 x XP Super Puzzle
440 x Jiendia Token

123 x La Tale World Gift Box
51 x Cloak Shrapnel
16 x Breadman Soul Urn
11 x Lv 1-5 Super Puzzle Coupon
65 x Special Attack Remedy
62 x 1 Day Iris Stone
Normal Suntan Coupon
80 x [Class Upgrade] Armor Upgrade Scroll
101 x [Class Upgrade] Armor Kit
11 x Fancy Box

I'm also Lv 32 Food Craft. If you want some food just PM me. Service is free if you bring your own capsule and ingredients.

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