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Paramnesya 03-09-2009 01:44 AM

Knuckle v. Sword
I've been playing LaTale for a few days now. When I first started, I played a warrior. After a few days, I decided to create a second character; this time a Knight.

I don't typically stick to MMOs for very long, and this is the first time I've broke level 20. (Currently lvl28)

When I made my warrior, I used spears. I quickly regretted it; it felt so sluggish. That's something I really treasure with my knight.. Fighting with a sword feels so quick.

Recently, however, I've been considering resetting my skills. I'm thinking of switching to knuckle. I really wanted some opinions before I jumped straight into it, though.

Any suggestions, opinions, etc?

(And I don't use PvP at all, so that's not a consideration.)

lovelyrosely 03-09-2009 12:36 PM

I'd stay stick to sword. Knuckle skills early on aren't as damaging and efficient as sword skills. Also, you will lose that shield which provides a hefty amount of defense for you. I'd say stick to sword until 60 or maybe 40, the level where you get crescent kick or dragon dance.

RandlArancion 03-11-2009 01:15 PM

As a lv46 Knuckle Knight myself(And avid fan of knuckle weapons/blunt weapons in MMOs in general), I personally love the Knuckles. >:3

There are pros and cons regardling level range, as well, however.

I would say that earlier on, it would prove a bit difficult depending on which order you distribute your active and passive skills.

- Basic Knuckle Attack has the least range in the game. However, it has been noticed to pass slightly quicker than the basic attacks of all other weapons of basic jobs. Also, this range increases as your Knuckle's size increases(Compare a Knuckle Duster to a pair of Gold Jurs.).
- Strong Knuckle Attack is a slightly weaker version of the basic attack per hit, however, it hits twice. This makes it fantastic to string comboes together if you need to wait for cooldowns.
- You can always hit Tab to switch to (Pick alt weapon to take space here/I picked a club.)/Shield for Tanking situations or Guard Dash. But you'll have to switch back for your Knuckles to attack.
- The Ranged Tree(I nickname it the 'Chi Blast tree,' because I was a Monk on Final Fantasy XI for nearly six years before I quit.) is rather versatile past 20, especially the first two skills. Typically hits up to three targets.
- The Kick Tree is decent, and boasts a slight bit more range than the Fists Tree, however, it lacks the DMG of the Fists tree. Hits up to two targets.
- The Fist Tree is strong, however it has limited range compared to the other trees. Hits up to two targets.

The Knuckle holds it's own in terms of versatility and strength, however, the sword's range and skills are indeed much more useful earlier on. I have a 1HSword/Shield Knight as a planned Lvling buddy once he catches up(If he catches up.).

TL;DR? Here's a summary in regard to Lv28.

-Knuckles string comboes well.
-Knuckles boast nice attack and nice basic/strong attack speeds.
-Ranged Tree is versatile.
-Can always Tab to use Guard Dash/tank.
-The Ranged tree introduces great strength and great range at once, comparable to Sword.

- Knuckles' range frails compare to 1HSword.
- Skill versatility at this point frails compared to 1HSword skills at this point. Even Aero Boom.
- Cannot use Knuckles and Shield at same time.
- Kick and Fists Trees Skills hit less targets at a time than Sword skill.(Correct me if I'm wrong.)
- The Ranged tree is the only skill set that compares to the versatility of the sword skillset at this point.

In the end--It's all about play style and preference. Pick whether to play like a type of Eastern Knight whose body is his armor and his mind his weapon, the Monk--Or like a Knight of the Medieval Period, whose shield bears his crest and sword at waist, the Knight(Bet you saw that coming. xD).

Hope my input helps.

Also: At this point, if you're low on funds, I recommend sticking to your build until you have an extra 100k that really could be used toward a Skill reset.

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