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Default Sucky Player

Well im playing La Tale and im stuck at level 41.
No one can help me in Spooky, in toad I cant kill the boars.
And Aoich I cant find these skills or the quests items to get into that dungeon.
I found the quests but cant find the items for it.

thanks moffit.
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If you're having trouble with figuring out quests, go to Pie's Quest Guide, search (Ctrl+F) for the name of the quest you have, and see what information it can provide.

To get into Dark Moon Castle, you need Ignite and Broad Jump. Finish the "Parabola in the Blue Sky" quest by digging flint in the Underworld Cave to get Ignite, and finish "Doo Da Da Jump!" by digging the two diaries in Mountain Cave 2 for Broad Jump.

Once you have access to Dark Moon Castle, the quests there should help you progress further.
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The quest for ignite is given by Ignate in elias, and broad jump is from Yangjin in Yong Gyoung.

Also, there are level 40 Xenadia quests which should do you well. You're gonna have to suicide-run through level 50-60 areas to get there. It's past elfa through the bottom portals in orca beach.
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