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Default New.

So I looked this game over, and everyone seemed to love it.
So I decided tomorrow, my birthday, to download this game and try it for myself.
I love bladers, so I'm making one of those, but I was wondering if anyone would like to help me out when I start, so I can get to know the game.
So please? ;D

thanks moffit.
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Well, I really doubt I can actually help while in the game, but I can give out some advice for a to be blader. First off, I think you probably knew this, but you gotta get to level 80 as a warrior before you can become a blader. For new players regardless or class it can be difficult and will take long if you don't know what to do. Bladers can be effective if your ping is decent or great (like 100ms or below is fine i think) ,and since bladers don't actually have any attack skills; you got to rely on your ping.

There are plenty of guides out there to show where to level I think, but I'm gonna point out some things. Getting to level 20 is ridiculously easy for experienced players, so to do that (well this is how I did it but uh...) from Lv1 to 4 smack around some prirings and beetles in the 1st and 2nd room of the forest area. Then kill off dogs, or wolves in the later rooms to the right up Lv.6 or 7. Then move up to the ancient forest area, and kill off blue wolves or boars up to Lv.9 or 10. You may wanna do some quests related to these mobs to kinda boost up your exp. From Lv10+ go on to the temple of pluton. (the portal to that is above the one leading to elias in the last room of the ancient forest[you may want toview the map at the default top right corner for later reference]) From there, grind off the bogles for up til like 14 or 15. Those things give off a decent amount of exp and can level a bit quicker than usual, but they will be a bit hard to fight off if you fight more than 3 at a time, since usually 3 ranked monsters (you'll probably noticed the symbol to the left of the monster's name) hit hard, and require more damage than usual to knock them back (you'll notice this more in later levels) Exp will start being suck-ish with bogles around 15 from there head up the highest room of the temple of pluton, to fight off goblins. These are a little more difficult because they hit harder than the bogles in the previous rooms but, they give out more exp. This is good until lv20.

From 20~30 there are a few ways but, I may recommend heading out to behemoth stomach and grab the quests from the fight arena, and elias palace area (though all quests avaliable to that area won't really be around until LV24, you could grind off in the behemoth stomach until like 23 or 24, or just grab the quests, complete them, leave, grab new ones ,enter and repeat.) To get there you'll need the dig skill, to get the ability you gotta do the quest from the NPC ases from the far right ot Belos. After getting the skill go to the field area (right of Elias) and start using the ability all around a map until this huge hole appears and this behemoth basically eats you and you'll enter the stomach. The place is decent until 25, but some people ignore this route completely, and just grind off of black beetles in the first room of red crop field (right of Yong Gyoung, third town of the game) from 20 to 27. At 27+ you may kill off pumpkin things (somehow I forgot the name of those) until 30.

From 30 up, many decide to level in spooky village( the portal to that is in the top right of the pumpkin area ) because you'll level a lot quicker than from doing the normal route( i.e. grinding off in cherry lake, arcadia, questing for those places, then later dark moon castle,desert etc......) either method is fine ,but since you seem to wanna be blader asap, I'd suggest spooky village. You might wanna try to get 'Advanced XP Potions' or '(Lv1~80) XP Nostrum' [the 100% exp boost/3 hour kind] I suppose I could give you like 10 Adv. XP pots, and 3 XP nostrums. to help you get started but, uh I somehow doubt I might get on around the same time as you are but anyways, post your in-game name here or just pm or mail HikariKashiwa (my main)

P.S. Happy Birthday btw...

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