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02-05-2010   #1 (permalink)
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Default Training partners

Ok, this is probably going to be the least specific request for training partners ever but here goes. My guild leader recommended I posted here so I could find a party and not get destroyed by mobs every time I try to train alone.

First, I'll start with explaining when I might be on, all times are in EST.

Tuesday and Wednesday, pretty much any time between noon and 4AM the following morning, that really just varies between what time I wake up and how long before I lose motivation to train, though motivation would probably be plentiful with a team.

Any other day of the week, including weekends, I might be on any time later in the evening, maybe. My schedule is so non-specific because I'm often under contract or on assignment to do a job and when that happens, I'm likely not on. Tuesday and Wednesday are the times I can be on the longest mostly because I'm not at the station on those days, call it my weekend, I guess, but again, if I'm on assignment, there is no weekend.

My character is a Level 61 Wind Wizard, with a party, I'd like to go to Crabs or Lvl60Spooky/Jars with a party, otherwise Im stuck soloing Stego which isn't efficient.

Feel free to add me if you're up for training with me, or leave your name here if you want me to contact you once I'm on instead.

User is Kabraxis, obviously, and as usual, post is probably tl;dr
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crabs, party, spooky, training

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