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10-14-2008   #1 (permalink)
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Cool Looking for people to do Shangri-La or whatever its called

Looking for people who want to do the Shangri La (Hyumu Instance) to farm rares & for quests. Imma level 46 theif with about 19X +Rare item drop at the moment. Let me know if you are interested & looting will be in order to be fair. Drop me a message on forums or buddy request me. Im usually playing or AFK vending so yeah =X
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10-22-2008   #2 (permalink)
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Thief...? Explorer? What are your skill benefits/etc if you have them?

I'd like to join up. I have 40+11+17 rare drop. I typically farm the Zin Monkey's and reset but it would be great if we could occasionally kill tigers and peaches for exp. I hate fighting the frogs. I am a level 37 Knight and have max Iron Armor (I can tank everything EXCEPT the boss...)

IGN: AngelSerra

Furthermore, do you have perhaps, a healer or something? I don't really want to split that many drops but healers reduce pot usage and that's a big $ hog right there. Drops I typically look for:

1. Female Equips (including Mountain pieces)
2. Mountain pieces besides hat and shoes
3. One Handed Swords (I'm a sword knight)
4. Shields

What times do you get on? I am in EST and usually on in the 6-10 PM range on weekdays. On weekends, I may be up to the latest of 2AM.


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