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Roru 03-18-2013 10:43 AM

Alright, gentlemen, I'm a lonesome pootis.
And I want hugs.

Jokes apart (But hugs from dem girls are appreciated, thank you very much :py35:) I am right now on LT as of the long break I've taken.

I am currently playing a level 120 TH, and I've had a 113 Guardian. I'm looking for a fixed group of friends/party members to be talkin' to, discuss philosophy, do ironical jokes and the stuff.

May you find me in GMT +1 horaries (Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayup, I am livin' in Spain), we can talk and such. I do not mind levels, as long as there is some logic in those brains of yours... Mmmm... Braaaaains...

Gawdamet, my IGNs:

Guardian: WingDrow
Treasure Hunter: Roru

Thank you very much, mentlegen.

frederic09 03-21-2013 04:54 AM

Hugs !!!! I love Hugs too !!!

I think i'll be able to play tonight, i'll try to add you ^_^

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