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Richeyz1337 03-16-2012 05:32 AM


yeah... I probably should've said this a week ago... heh...

I only have LaTale on my Aunt's laptop. Which she lent to me for good work.

My grades aren't doing so well, and my room is a MESS. So I'm grounded for IDK how long.

My sister Ellen, though, has a laptop. And I've been borrowing it late at night to go on Facebook and stuff. The motherboard on it is fried sadly, which causes constant glitches with the hardware and software.
I wouldn't even bother downloading LaTale if I could on that thing...:py39:

So uh... yeah... grounded, and I can't play in-school or at home until I get my own computer or get the laptop back.
On the other hand, I've returned to FaceBook, I now play CastleVille out of boredom, and I joined Lord of Ultima for in-school boredom.

Facebook: Richard Marcucci (There are two, the one with the most friends is my current one, a.k.a: The one that DOESN'T have the MapleStory OC, look for the one with the side-profile anime character of me. I'll be changing it over the weekend so...)

Lord of Ultima IGN: Lord Kajin, town: Windrix

USA Server... 36? IDR... 43? It's a U.S server I know that much...
Once I get back on LaTale, I'll be giving stuff for 50% off my normal prices for a week as compensation, maybe some freebies thrown in. :py08:

I'll still be on this site, ggftw is really cool, having a forum on all the top MMO's available(well, most of them, still good)

Maryx3s 03-17-2012 02:47 PM

I'm all for cheap/free stuff but are you sure you are going to permanently quit? What if a new update comes around that catches your eye and you want to check it out...but wait, all of your belongings have been auctioned off!

If you're still sure about that then...erh...


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