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Kyubi will become famous soon enoughKyubi will become famous soon enough
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IGN: KyubiYakumo
Class: RW/Bard/Warrior lt_treasurehunter
Level: 16x/13x/7x
Guild: Guild lead,LunarBreak
Xfire: No XFire lawl
Default LunarBreak, Lv9 Neutral guild(Recruiting)

~About LunarBreal
A generally fun guild looking for interaction and help among each other and make friendships amongst one and other. Also offering advice to whomever needs as long as its in someone's power to help. We also have a small avriety of interesting players and people to talk to generally, though alot of us are night owls who stay up were looking forward to any new potential recruits who could add to the list of awesome people.

We don't even really ask for you to contribute alot GP wise nor demand 24/7 activitiy out of you, while it would be nice were more geared towards fun and getting to know each other in favor of a more friendly enviroment. We hope you consider us a possible guild to join and enjoy your time within it if you do.

Also I am not the original lead but BadHabitRabbit is, he is just going less to not active on LT so I am now stepping up guild activity a bit trying to improve on the great guild he started

Info on guild
Level 9 Neutral guild with no level requirement to note

Me I'm Kyubi or Drako, not really the original lead, but the founder Rabbit has entrusted me with guild and I'll be sure to offer what help I can or keep the place a friendly chatting enviroment for all to enjoy.

Vices we have right now include Rabbit the original leader who should still be treated as awesome and Para, who is pretty nice to any guildmates and just as pleasent to talk to. (Note: any vice you see is an alt of mine or a vice's and may likely not be someone else)

And plenty of other random members to talk to and have fun with.Interact and discover which people you may actually end up grinding with or farming with.

Pretty much any rule that OGP has up for the game though but I'll

highlight some of those and more.
-No swearing, I'll have minimal tolerance for this but if you swear too often or any member tells me its disturbing you will be asked to stopped, I personally can handle some of it personal party chat maybe...hell I swear on occasion myself, but not in guild chat please.

-No harassing/bullying, I'll have NO tolerance if you make fun of any guildmates, period. I'll warn you to stop it right there and boot you if I see it continue. I may boot immediately if it goes extremely severe into sexual harassment, making fun of sexual preference, or making fun of someone's disorder.
-No spamming, this is common sense. I'd rather not read the same line 3 or more times in a row please. Also if your advertising what your B> or S> only do it every few odd moments, like 20 minutes maybe because if no one is buying/selling it 5 minutes ago they won't 5 minutes later.

-No personal drama in guild chat, if you have a personal beef or problem with who is apparently in guild either tell me or a vice personally or whisper it out them, we don't need you dragging the guild in and making the game un-fun for others doing so. Like I said either tell me or a vice about it or make up with the problematic member personally.

-No "Free hopping", Free hopping is the term I use for emembers who are only active during crops, never leveling,playing, or chatting on said character until a crop is about to be harvested. If you are only on during crops and ONLY then you will be booted no questions asked.

The rest of the rules are pretty much OGP's or common manners your parents teach you throughout your life.

Oh and this isn't really a rule, but if your going to invite a friend to guild it'll be nice to alert me or avice ahead of time as to not be too surprised upon seeing a stranger in guild. But feel free to invite any friends you may have otherwise, again this isnt nessacery as we don't always expect a vice on.

~Donated Crop
Crops are donated by a guild member for the whole guild to harvest, the donater does get special abilities such as deciding when it can be harvested,To some extent, no rediculous late or early times just go hoard all the drops to a small group. Crop will NOT be sold period. I will in no cases tolerate being rushed to harvest it, I will not budge and possibly kick if you constantly ask me or any vice to start it early for your sake.

~How rankings work
*Apprentice(starter), you start at this ranking upon joining, not much else.

*Veterans(5th,gains invite privelage), To get this rank you must be in guild two weeks minimal. One week if you have 1% GP contribute that fast.

*Maestros(4th), A month of activity at most or show plenty of helpfulness towards guildmates.

*Captains(3rd), Three ways involve donating crops more than often have more than average GP contribution, or show an awful lot of helpfulness towards guildmates.

*Bosses(Vice, can kick-slogan edit-plant and harvest crops), Only /very/ proven responsible members will ever get this, they watch over the guild and can kick you with mine or another vice's okay. They also can plant and harvest crops you donate if I'm N/A at the time of a donation.

Guild Master(Lead)-I get pretty much full control but I'm not some ominous figure running a democracy, so don't worry too much, I can plant crops you donate and start a harvest as well. If I feel a need to kick I will ask any vices about there opinion if I should.

~Who can join?
Pretty much anyone with a nice attitude willing to have fun and remain friendly, and help retain the friendly enviroment. We have absolutely no level requirements and we don't ask much in terms of activity.(Only except being the "free hopping" rule.) We also ask you remain mature and talk respectfully and watch how far jokes go.

~How to join LB?
Just mail me in game to my RW "KyubiYakumo" and wait for a response and please note I may not respond immediately and I go to a high school from 7AM to 2:30 PM, I may not be home till 3PM and beyond. (2:30PM on wednsdays) So just hold your horses in the case you mail is sent before I get home.

KyubiYakumo-Lv 15x Bow TH
DrakoSingetail-Lv 10xx Bard
RemeliaScarletLv 8x Spear Warlord

Last edited by Kyubi; 03-16-2011 at 07:50 AM.
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