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ForeverSkyes 12-26-2010 11:48 PM

Looking for a guild.
Hii ♥
I'm currently looking for a guild. Mostly for my Knight [SoonToBeGuardian].
I just started it today, couple of hours ago? Lol. It's level 20 for now. (its 2:46am) ;D
I have a 12x Gunslinger and a 11x Bard. So im not completely new. Im in SEKIREI with my GS, but i dont wanna add all my alts. D: [dont think i can anyways.]

I don't ask for much. kinda. A level 6 or higher guild will do fine.
-Looking for players with experience.
-Events {such as crop, holiday events, etc.}
-Activity {not just afking all day long.}
-Talkativity {at least say Hi. strike a conversation.}

I came back not long ago and my buddy list is full of people who quit. :py56:
Im a bit shy... really shy. But i can be really outgoing and perverted. when you get to know me♥ :3

Idk what to saaaay. D: *facedesk* Just post here or mail me in-game. :]
Or if you'd like to talk more formally, add me on msn. :3

Most likely will be on:
Gun2UrHead and/or KickUrCrotch
My IGN's sound like what a boy would've thought of. </3 :py07:

ForeverSkyes 12-27-2010 03:32 PM

Found one.

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