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08-06-2010   #1 (permalink)
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La Tale
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Guild: Seraph
Default [Seraph] Order Guild - Level 9 (Now Recruiting!)

I. About Seraph:

Guild Name: Seraph
Guild Tendency: Order Type
Guild Level/EXP/Percent: Level 9 - Great Guild / 4,200,000+ EXP /
Guild Rank: 19th
Guild Stats: Guild Max Members: 90, Physical Accuracy + 8%, Magical Accuracy + 8%, & Item Drop Rate + 8%
General Description: Seraph is guild full of caring, fun-loving individuals. A variety of players, personalities, and humors of all tastes can and do enjoy their stay in this rising guild. People of different play-styles, classes, levels, backgrounds, etc. find themselves enjoying the diversity and acceptance provided by the active and friendly members of the guild. With its big plans and hopes for the future, Seraph is a guild that not only pushes onwards towards its own goals, but also, as a whole, members will help one another towards their very own goals. Though La Tale wishes for its players to "write their own tales," Seraph encourages and wishes that you will share yours with them!

II. General Rules:

1. Please be kind and courteous towards one another.
2. Please keep strong language to a minimum. As will be repeated over and over again, we hope to keep this a safe and friendly guild, and expect a "PG" (or "PG-13," during the late nights) atmosphere.
3. Please keep all conversations on the Guild Chat appropriate. Once again, the "PG" (or "PG-13," during the late nights) atmosphere applies.
4. "Late nights" do not necessarily have an exact start and finish time. However, be courteous, and remember that most of the younger players are logged off some time after 10:00 PM OGP Time.
5. Members are not required to contribute any form of service, monetary payment, or a certain amount of Guild Points. However, we certainly appreciate any form of contribution, and use it towards our members and the guild. We just ask that members be active, polite, friendly, and contribute appropriately with conversation.
6. Recruitment requirements can be found in section IV. Terms of Recruitment.
7. Use of the guild's website will follow its own rules listed on the website. For more information, please check out section VII. Contact & Website Information, and visit our website!
8. Please use Guild Mail appropriately, if necessary. Appropriate conduct include, but is not limited to: guild related events, prior expression of long-term absences, etc. No spam, please. Unless it's the mystery meat kind of spam you're talking about. Then send that to Kyoushikyoku, only (no need to share with the others).

III. Guild Members List:

Guild Master: RideArmor (Meister - Level 160)

Guild Vice Masters:
- CaliforniaLove (Explorer - Level 50)
- Jooke (Blader - Level 181)
- Kyoushikyoku (Blader - Level 154)
- xJennx (Bard - Level 106)

Guild Members (Tronz):
- DarkShiki (Treasure Hunter - Level 116)
- DomDaDude (Guardian - Level 115)
- FrozenBreeze (Bard - Level 133)
- Hashimoto (Warlord - Level 115)
- Kinotsu (Warlord - Level 132)
- l3lueGuy (Blader - Level 118)
- MayaFey (Bard - Level 139)
- RpgKid (Warlord - Level 193)
- VividFantasy (Gun Slinger - Level 125)

Guild Members (Bashutz):
- 21th (Treasure Hunter - Level 141)
- Anonymous009 (Engineer - Level 52)
- Beastlyness (Gun Slinger - Level 114)
- ChaozxSama (Meister - Level 133)
- Coldpanda (Bard - Level 90)
- Cramp (Warlord - Level 91)
- DeathWolfi (Warrior - Level 51)
- Dizzyx (Blader - Level 130)
- DonPachi (Sorceror - Level 137)
- Dumbledore (Bard - Level 103)
- Esabella (Warrior - Level 28)
- Etindim (Bard - Level 81)
- ExtremeDefence (Knight - Level 71)
- Glitch25 (Gun Slinger - Level 94)
- Glorric (Templar - Level 124)
- HeatBlastXX (Meister - Level 165)
- HELLOPPL (Templar - Level 81)
- i69 (Warrior - Level 37)
- iAaken (Gun Slinger - Level 89)
- iGryphon (Treasure Hunter - Level 83)
- KikiiTheMeister (Engineer - Level 22)
- Kryden (Treasure Hunter - Level 137)
- Kurabule (Blader - Level 88)
- LilithLust (Gun Slinger - Level 84)
- LutenPlunder (Explorer - Level 75)
- MadEngineer (Meister - Level 85)
- MechaZoidV2 (Meister - Level 84)
- MrFixHer (Meister - Level 91)
- novembe (Gun Slinger - Level 92)
- Piccolo (Guardian - Level 85)
- RekTangle (Meister - Level 83)
- Richnis (Gun Slinger - Level 87)
- RogueKing (Gun Slinger - Level 95)
- Roseburg (Sorceror - Level 133)
- Sachi (Warrior - Level 116)
- sewarudo (Blader - Level 94)
- ShaolinMetic (Guardian - Level 102)
- ShimmeraValdis (Warrior - Level 47)
- Symfonia (Engineer - Level 59)
- TsamH (Treasure Hunter - Level 160)
- X10AFreedom (Warlord - Level 179)
- xBlackShadowx (Knight - Level 58)
- xMorrigan (Warrior - Level 49)
- Zodiark (Sorceror - Level 120)

Guild Members (Powers):
- KingXerxes (Explorer - Level 49)
- pogarXII (Blader - Level 89)
- Spikefro (Knight - Level 55)
- XxShemihazaixX (Bard - Level 88)

Guild Members (Angels):
- ajaxwraith (Templar - Level 83)
- AngelSerra (Templar - Level 167)
- fal33n (Gun Slinger - Level 131)
- GaurdianTriumph (Templar - Level 80)
- headshotdead (Gun Slinger - Level 100)
- ItsJakeJowish (Gun Slinger - Level 85)
- RaiBorg (Engineer - Level 44)
- RainWay (Gun Slinger - Level 102)
- Rockgirl (Treasure Hunter - Level 87)
- ShadowForce (Treasure Hunter - Level 101)
- Shahero (Blader - Level 80)
- S3xYBoyZ (Gun Slinger - Level 111)
- Twofu (Gun Slinger - Level 110)
- zeGrey (Explorer - Level 55)

Number of Spaces Left for New Recruits: 14

IV. Terms of Recruitment:


1. If interested in joining, you are expected to follow all of the rules listed within section II. General Rules.
2. There is no level limit; however, we hope to recruit members who are committed to being active, and leveling is a good indicator.
3. All potential recruits will be interviewed by certain members, but please don't feel intimidated. It really is just to ask some general questions, as well as to get to know you better.
4. If you want to recruit someone into the guild, please first ask the Guild Master, any of the Guild Vice Masters, or IGN: VividFantasy to interview and potentially add the candidate. Unless you are one of the aforementioned, please always ask and inform one of us first.

Number of Spaces Left for New Recruits: 14

Recruitment: If you would like to apply to be a member of Seraph, please conduct any of the following options:

1. Leave a post in this thread with the following information:

- IGN: [Insert in-game name here.]
- Class: [Insert character class here.]
- Level: [Insert level here.]
- Activity Level: [Provide a brief explanation concerning your level of activity in-game.]
- Additional Comments/General Description: [Feel free to provide additional comments and/or a basic description of yourself. We'd like to get to know you from the get-go!]

2. Contact any of the following members via whisper or mail in-game:

- RideArmor
- CaliforniaLove
- Jooke
- Kyoushikyoku
- xJennx
- VividFantasy

3. Leave us a comment on our guild website, stating your interest in joining the guild! It's preferable if you follow the same format as listed in the first option. For more information concerning the guild website, please refer to section VII. Contact & Website Information.

V. Events:

Guild Crop: Guild Crops are usually held weekly, oftentimes near the end of the week or on the weekend. The date and time may vary, to allow for members with different schedules and time zones to plan accordingly. Oftentimes, the Guild Master or any of the Guild Vices (as well as our helpful members) will explain the Crop when asked at any time; however, usually ten to thirty minutes are put aside prior to the time of the Crop for an explanation and a Q&A session.
- Currently Planned Crop: Sunday, August 8th, 2010 @ 6:15 PM OGP Time. Crop explanation and Q&A session will hopefully be conducted between 6:00 PM and 6:15 PM OGP Time.

Guild Boss Farming: Though not scheduled, please feel free to ask anyone if they'd be willing to farm any of the Instance Dungeon bosses for items and/or potentially Ely. Kyoushikyoku is a big fan of Sphinx. Just FYI.

Guild PvP Farming: Though not scheduled, please feel free to ask anyone if they'd be willing to farm PvP for points and items. Hopefully, we'll start this up reguarly.

Enchanting Services: Though not scheduled, please feel free to ask any of the following members for 100% enchanting services, so long as you provide the necessary materials, puzzles, and/or what is asked of you by the enchanter:
- RideArmor (aka. DonPachi)
- Jooke

Crafting Services: Though not scheduled, please feel free to ask any of the following members for crafting services, so long as you provide the necessary materials and/or whatever is asked of you by the crafter:
- Accessory Crafter: MechaZoidV2 (Level 24)
- Armor Crafter: ajaxwraith (Level 16)
- Food Alchemists: VividFantasy (Level 24)

Upcoming Events:

- PvP Tournaments: Kyoushikyoku hopes to host some weekly PvP tournaments in the future, with plans for all types of battles, ranging from death-match duels, freaky free-for-alls, and party paloozas! Prizes will be awarded to winners and participants, of course.

VI. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. Q: How can I become a member of Seraph?
1. A: It's simple, really! Just contact us via this thread or our website using the prompt mentioned in IV. Terms of Recruitment, or contact the Guild Master, any of the Guild Vices, or IGN: VividFantasy in-game via whisper or mail.

2. Q: What kind of questions are asked during the interview for potential members?
2. A: It usually varies depending on who's conducting the interview, but the general outline is just to get some basic information concerning your character and your activity level. Also, we'd just like to get to know you better.

3. Q: Is there a certain amount of Guild Points I need to have contributed in order to stay within the guild?
3. A: No, there is no set requirement. As much as we would appreciate any contribution, it is not required. However, we do ask that you contribute to the guild in any way you can, whether it's through conversation, attitude, service, etc.

4. Q: Is there a price to pay to get into the Guild Crop or any of the events?
4. A: First of all, no, there is no price for our Guild Crop. The Guild Master and many of the donors in our guild conduct the Crop out of the goodness of their hearts. As for other events, that may vary. For the time being, however, there doesn't appear to be any price for any of the events.

5. Q: I need help with a certain quest. I also need help farming a certain item, Ely, and/or PvP points. Is there someone who can help me?
5. A: Of course there is! Although we cannot always guarantee that we have time whenever you ask, most, if not all of our members would be happy to help! Our Guild Master and the Guild Vices are particularly happy to help you out with most, if not all inquiries.

6. Q: I'm going on vacation/I'm having long-term computer problems/La Tale Launcher is being a butt-head. Basically, I'm going to be gone for awhile, and will not be able to log onto La Tale for the time being. What can I do to refrain from being considered inactive?
6. A: Just contact the Guild Master, any of the Guild Vices, or make yourself heard by the members (who should report to the Master or any of the Vices later, if none are present). You can do this via chat or mail.

7. Q: ...Sooooo, what? Does Kyoushikyoku have a cookie fetish or something?
7. A: Yes. :|

8. Q: Why is Seraph so awesome?
8. A: Lolz, funny you should ask. We actually get this question quite often... Well, my only suggestion is to find out yourself by joining Seraph!

VII. Contact & Website Information:

Contact Information:
- For comments, questions, and/or concerns, please feel to post here in this thread, or contact the Guild Master and/or any of the Guild Vices in-game via chat or mail. The IGNs of the aforementioned is listed in section III. Guild Members List.

Website Information:
- For comments, questions, and/or concerns, please feel free to contact us via our website: Seraph United.

(The Credit all Goes to Kyoushikyoku For Doing a Awesome Job On This!)
Original Post can be Found at --->Click Here!.
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Level: Lv.14x
Guild: Seraph

Reserved For Future use.
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Guild: Seraph / Reminiscence

Hmm you need to update this with the current info Hashi ~ VividFantasy


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