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02-22-2010   #1 (permalink)
/gg FTW! Lurker
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Piixystix will become famous soon enough
IGN: Piixie
Class: WarLord lt_warlord
Level: 149
Guild: Polar
Default POLAR ~ Level 7 Chaos Guild :]

| Polar level 7 Chaos guild | 2m guild points | Last update: 2/22/10 |

Created in June of 2009, Polar was small with only a few members but a dedicated bunch they were. We slowly grew bigger and bigger over time, getting to know some awesome people along the way. Dedicated to the guild, I didn't give up no matter how hard it got. Through thick and thin we did it. Polar may have started small but look at it now. A large guild with many wonderful members. Let me just say. . . I love you guys!

Currently recruiting new members!

Whisper or mail any of the following people to join:
[ Piixie, iix3Romil, Daiy, Versal ]


Done before - Un-bolded
Planning to do - bolded

* Guild lottery
* Forum Art Contest

* Secret Santa
* Hide and Seek
* Guild PVP
* Races Through LaTale
* Costume Contest


I have these rules set in place to keep the guild lively and a fun place to be. Donít complain that there are a lot of rules because really, these are very easy to follow.

* Let us know if you're going to be inactive!
* If you leave, you are not allowed back.
* Don't swear, no one likes a potty mouth. :[
* Try to type in ENGLISH not ENGRISH.
* Be respectful towards other guild mates.
* Do NOT spam beg for items/ely or help. We can hear you the first time.
* Don't start drama in out/outside of the guild.
* Don't abuse the guild discount for your own gain.
* Only Vice Masters are allowed to have alts.
* Andddd, last but not least, have fun~

Requirements to join/stay:

* 80+ to join.
* No guild hoppers! We want dedicated members.
* Be active... so we don't have to remove you.
* && of course, be friendly. =]

Ranking System:

You can gain ranks by any of the following. . .

* + + + Helping the guild out. [Donations, Good deeds.]
* + + + Being Active.
* + + + Being in the guild for a long time.
* + + + Knowing the members well and is like family.
* + + + Having a good personality [talkative & friendly]
* + + + Helping guild members.
* + + + Gaining guild points.
* + + + Being a dedicated member.

VIP Members!
~ Members that have show great dedication to the guild or helped it greatly in some shape or form.

Coming soon.


(tell me if you have any to add)

| Piixie's Youtube Channel | YouTube - Piixystix's Channel
| Guild Website | Home : Polar - Iris - La Tale - Guild Launch Guild Hosting

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03-12-2010   #2 (permalink)
/gg FTW! Lurker
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piccolorocks is on a distinguished road
IGN: Versal
Class: Guardian lt_guardian
Level: 167
Guild: Polar

Ok sooo what now? O_o
11-16-2010   #3 (permalink)
ggFTW Lurker
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La Tale
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AdamSanglant is an unknown quantity at this point
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IGN: VividFantasy/Rhythmically
Class: Gunslinger / Warrior lt_gunslinger
Level: 17x / 14x
Guild: Seraph / Reminiscence

Polar's level 11 now ;D


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