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08-15-2008   #1 (permalink)
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Default Project S.E.E.D

Open beta is comming soon and i wanted to start a guild that will be there at the beggining and hopefully be there till the end. My goals are to become strong while having fun and making alliances with other ambitious guilds. I have experience with guilds both in making them, maintaining them, and of course joining them. I also understand that making, and maintaining a guild takes work and that it cant be done alone.

Obviously i changed the Ranking system it now goes

1. Catalyst - Leader and Co-Leader

2. Primary Root - Elite and loyal guild members that have been around for a while that i can rely on.

3. Secondary Root - Members that have good experience in the game and good stratagies and ideas in terms of party planning and general guild ideas.

4. Primary Seed - Members that have been in the guild for a while and show progress

5. Secondary Seed - members that are a step up from newcomers

6. Seed - Newcomers

The ranking system is based on skill as well as general experience and reliability depending on how many people join in the future i may add squads or classes (1st class, second class ect.)

as said before if you have any advice please dont hesitate to post

this is the type of userbar that will be shown in the guild forums to show what you rank is.

Ill be posting rules and things of that nature later on

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08-16-2008   #2 (permalink)
Ish bored D:
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You should add the guild type... (Light-Neutral-Chaos). Because some people want to know it before getting in :/
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