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11-29-2008   #1 (permalink)
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Default Recruiting for Virgo

What's a Virgo?

Virgo (astrology) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Who/what we are

Virgo, a fairly fun and slightly friendly guild. It's named after the constellation and the astrological symbol, and also the 6th symbol. We're fairly active, and love to chat.

Our reason
We are seeking members due to it being a slightly new guild. We have only have a total of 3 members. 2 not counting myself.

What are we looking for?

We're looking for fun, active, friendly people. If you're not any of those, then join anyway.
To note, we don't care about timezones, and active falls into the category of being on atleast 3 times per week. Or something around there. Whatever works.

Our other preferences are ; mature people, smart people, people who type lots and aren't silent/antisocial, and lastly, people who enjoy playing with other people.

There's no level restrictions, and with that said, we will also gladly help you get through some scenario quests, grind with you, or even help out with some quests.

Want to join?

Contact any of the people below to join. Contact - Mail - Whisper - Find.

[Member List] - [Status]
Genny Guild Master
HeavyKnight Vice Master [Me]
Kendo Thing next to vice master

Genny is on when you least expect her to be.
I attempt to be constantly on.
And Kendo, he's usually on around 3-6PM PST[GMT -8] on weekdays.

Thanks to all those who bothered to read this. Extra thanks to those who are willing to join.

I'm a Taurus..Oh well, atleast there's compatibility with Virgos.
Quite some fun when editting those banners/stats.

Extra Spammage
Chaos Type -
Kendo and I also formed our own guild for alternative characters. You know, for that second/third/fourth/five hundreth character that you made for the hell of it.
It's called Weissritter, based off of Shining Tears.

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