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11-16-2008   #1 (permalink)
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Default Recruiting for Orenj Guild.

Welcoming any interested, though hopefully within being a decent person. Level, nor age, doesn't really matter, in a sense, the lower level the better just to help out with Guild Points.

Some tidbit of information about the guild for now.
  1. Neutral Guild, still Lv. 2
  2. Four or so active players, and I think we just scored a fifth..
  3. More spots available due to a level.. though it's not as if people are interested.
  4. Rank: it really has zero meaning to me and for those wondering, I will probably make anyone a Vice Master just to slogan change for the lulz, at least, if I think you are reasonable enough not to abuse rank.

(I remade because I felt the title should have been more direct.. I just hope it helps >_>; too bad I'm an idiot and didn't notice I left out the i)

I guess some expectations of someone who cares to join,
  1. Kill Stealing: I think it leaves a really bad impression you, for the guild you are in and even more. Honestly, though, if everyone goes in KS mode, I don't care.. nobody probably would then.. or if jerks are ksing you and whatever you do to attempt to reason, yaddayadda..
  2. Loyalty would be nice, but I won't expect it. If you do plan, or have plans, to make or join another guild for whatever reason, you should probably not bother joining as it would probably just waste GP for the both us. Not that that's all that is my focus, but it would help to level a guild without wasting points ._ .

There is probably much more, but I'm somewhere between "I don't know" and "uhhh.." I think most people who actually look at forums are already decent people anyway , so it seems a plus to get people interested from here than actually in-game Also, probably more fond of just getting a new member or two than having so much to be read for people.
I feel awful at this sort of thing, anyway..

Feel free to ask questions and maybe I'll add it to here for anyone else who wonders.
You can message me on Howahowa for invite or send mail or post here, if interested. Whatever works works.

also: it's Orenji.. damn it.

Last edited by Mercenary09; 11-17-2008 at 06:08 PM.
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