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10-28-2008   #1 (permalink)
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Default Dustwood Recruiting

Dustwood is a level 1 order-type guild.

We're a new guild that started with only two members, and we're looking to expand. If you're looking to get into a guild on the ground floor, then this is the guild for you.

- To become a well-known guild in the La Tale community
- To have good relationships with all guild members

Joining requirements:
- At least level 40, prefferably 45+
- Main characters only (no mules, alternate characters, etc.)
- Relatively active
- Sociable & Friendly
- Have a decent grasp of the English language - we like to know what our members are saying.

To apply:
- Post the following in this thread -
Age (optional):
Gender (optional):

- You may also message either of us in-game:
Mastema, Anesthesia

Other Things to keep in mind:

- Higher leveled members will (or should) always try their best to help lower-leveled members, but please remember that they are also playing the game the same as you are. It is not their responsibility to help you all the time with leveling, questing, etc. as they started at the same place you started at.

- We do not tolerate hacking, botting, etc. Any members violating this rule will be banned without notice.

- Be nice and respect fellow members. We do not want any arguing going on, spamming up the guild chat. If you have a problem, we will try our best to solve it.

- Inapropriate acts will not be tolerated; we will warn you if we feel we need to do so. Continued misbehaviour after a warning will result in an open spot in the guild.

- Do not blame us if we boot members out of the guild without prior notice; we will only do so if we feel it is necessary according to the above rules.
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