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Roru 03-18-2013 10:59 AM

Alright, gentlemen, I am looking for a guild.
Some here maaaaaay maybe remember me when I mention my IGNs, but yeah... Back in the day, I couldn't be honest with my game time and such. So I ended always quitting the game wihout telling anyone.

I'm trying to give LT another chance, since S2 is coming and such. No need to say how the game catched me, it's beautiful. Also, it is boring to grind/level up wihout anyone to talk to. Knowatimean?

So yeah, uh...

I'm generally not picky, I just ask for activity and such. And let's be honest here; I'd generally prefer a high level/ mid level guild on the +100's rather than a low level guild. That way I'd be able to do things with them.

So yeah. Expectin' answerz. Thank ye verry mucho.

IGN's: TH> Roru Guardian> WingDrow

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