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09-25-2008   #1 (permalink)
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Default CookieCrumbs


"We love cookies! Casual and fun loving guild! We need COOKIES and MILK! Got milk? =D"


To create a fun loving environment where guild members can level up, chit chat and most importantly, have fun together.


Once every few days, we will hold events like Boss hunting or Guild Quests. This is to divert the attention from just killing xx monster to something different where it'll promote team work amongst the guild members. As we are new, more suggestions are needed to improve our guild events.


Since we're a new guild, there are only 8 members currently including myself. We have members from different parts of the world. Me and another member is from Singapore, there's 1 from Philippines, there's like 3 from Israel, 1 from California and there's one from New York.

My ign is RogueKnight. Please note that I'm only level 26. I have members whose lvl is way above me. This shows that in this guild, level doesn't matter. We're just out to have fun

My vice is Slash5, he's a lvl 27 and counting. If i'm not around, you may approach him to join us! The levels of the members are between 21 to 27 currently.


We're currently looking for friendly people to join us. Level doesn't matter, though if you're within our levels, you can party with us easily =)
English speaking is a must!
MUST LOVE COOKIES! (ok i'm joking about this one)

So if you're looking for some casual fun, this is the guild for you! PM RogueKnight or Slash5 or simply just post your ign here and I'll get back to you!

PS: I just realise that there's an older guild with the name Cookie, we are in no way related and I didn't know there was another guild with the word "Cookie" in it.
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09-27-2008   #2 (permalink)
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hammynad is on a distinguished road

We are currently full and working towards levelling up the guild~


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