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03-24-2010   #1 (permalink)
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Default Account Security Guide

Delightfully copypasted straight from ogp forums!!

Hum for a long time I've felt there needs to be a guide on account security that isnt a) really crappy (no offense 208) and b) in the deepest darkest depths of the forums.

First thing is first: What info you should put down when you register for a new account.

Your name is Paurlor Abcruncher and you want help with making an account with OGP! Cool!

Ok, Paurlor, here's the first rule: never include your real name in your account fact make it relate to yourself as little as possible.

That's a nice name. But make sure.. never post on the forums with this ID! You should register a SECOND account that is strictly forums-only (and has an ID that is also in no way related to your main account--bubblebuster might be a nice ID to use!). Save your main account ID for the game-playing!

Next it's time to make a password....

NO NO NO! This password is horribly unsafe!
--When making a password, there are a few things you need to know..
#1- Never use words that can be found in a dictionary
#2- @1w@y$ !nc1ud3 $ymb0l$ @nd numb3r$
#3- AlWaYs AltErNaTe BeTwEeN lowercase aNd UPPERCASE
#4- Never use the same password twice
#5- Keep track of your passwords! Preferrably on a piece of
paper that will never get lost.

Tools to use:
Random password generator -- be sure to check "include punctuation!"
Security Calculator -- In general you want your password to get the "Brute Force Attack will take up to X+ years!" Which is easy to get if you use the pw generator above.

Ok... let's see your new password!

That's more like it. 8D Let's get on to the security question part...

Here is where most people leave themselves very vulnerable to getting their accounts "hacked!" They choose an answer to a security question that can easily be traced back to them somehow. The answer you put to your security question may as well be more important than your password itself. All someone has to do is find your facebook, talk to you a few times, or hit google in order to find enough information to answer any of these security questions OGP offers you to choose from... and once someone knows your security question, they can change your pw, your email, and steal your account... THAT IS WHY IT IS:

-super important to post as little information about yourself as possible on the internet and
-to make your security question answer as unrelated to yourself AND THE QUESTION as possible

Let's try this again....

Das ist gut! Sehr gut! The more garbly gook'd the better when it comes to security questions. Now on to e-mail...

Wrong again. It's not a good idea to link all of your accounts to everything into one email... If someone hacks your email for OGP...the same email that may be in use by your banking account...well you can guess what happens from there. I, personally, have multiple emails and each has its own use:
-one email is for financial information and things dealing with my ssn/college stuff
-one email is for "pleasure sites" aka facebook, OGP, youtube...
-one email is for another set of pleasure sites such as livejournal or things that involve subscriptions to newsletters
-one email is specifically for cause I really hate those annoying email alerts that cannot be disabled lolololololol
-one email is for msn
-and finally, one email is for actual personal communication between teachers/family/friends and the like.
**more tips: use different email providers! Vary between yahoo and gmail and hotmail. IMO, I would use gmail for my more professional emails and the yahoo/hotmail for the trash ones. 8D But that's just my preference.
**another tip: A LOT OF THE TIME..... when you sign up for an email, it allows you to enter in an alternate email to use for password recovery...DONT DO THIS! LOL! I did it when I was lazy and.. well.. if someone gets a hold of your trash email, and it's linked to..your banking email, then you're screwed.

I'll admit I'm rather over the top with my choice in having multiple emails, but that's mostly because I really adore having things in separate categories that are easily accessible. 8D Just having a personal email, a financial email, and an everything-else email is fine enough...and it's highly advisable that they have different names **AS WELL AS DIFFERENT PASSWORDS/PERSONAL INFO USED WHEN REGISTERING (fake name/zip etc on every email besides the professional ones)**!

example: Paurlor Abcruncher may want his personal email to be because it makes him somewhat easily identifiable by friends: p for Paurlor, abc for Abcruncher and 1990 for the year he was born! His everything-else email should be something silly though.. like! This email address doesn't make his identity obvious.

Paurlor is really getting the hang of secure registering. With account information like this, he is very secure. But he isn't done yet!

When you create an account with OGP, you also create a public profile that is displayed when you click your account name on the forums. Whether this profile is your main account or your forum-only account, it's important to make sure that the information you display is very minimal.

The beauty of this guide, folks, is that it can/should be applied to ANY kind of website one chooses to sign up for except when it comes to sites where your real information certainly is required, aka banking sites and college applications are two that come off the top of my head.


...but wait, there's more!...for those who choose to read at least.

I touched upon it a bit, but your own OGP account security also relies on how secure you are with your emails and passwords as well. It is always important to keep your password stored somewhere that is inaccessible to other people. Likewise, make sure it's not so inaccessible that you end up losing everything.

Aside from emails and secure account information, I've recently experienced the fact that..... only a small amount of people know how to keep their computer safe and clean. Here's some things you all should make sure you're doing:

-if you do not use a router, get a firewall! PC Tools free firewall is very user-friendly for those who are not comfortable with software. But here are some other choices as well (all free)! Only need one of these.

-download an anti-virus program. Avast is another free program that is also user-friendly, but there are more choices here. Remember, you only need one!

-download an anti-spyware program. I use SuperAntiSpyware because, well, I rarely get infected so I only need a tiny little program to brush along once in a while. More options.

-download MalwareBytes AntiMalware program. It is very light and scans your computer's like the person with the shovel that follows behind horses in parades--picking up after the poo. MLB does a very good job of finding & removing what other programs don't pick up--so it's a good thing to have if you have sticky paws for malware!

-download CCleaner and regular clean your folders using the clean tool. Some people may be surprised at how much gunk they have stored up on their computer~!

-if you are still using internet explorer.... DOWNLOAD A BETTER BROWSER. Preferrably Mozilla Firefox..and when that's done, download the following add-ons: AdBlock Plus, Privacy +, Coral IE tab (lets you switch firefox to IE view), WOT, and ghostery.
--if firefox isn't your cup of tea... try these!

*you're going to want to scan things and clean stuff out at least once a month.
**also, make sure you only ever download applications from or the official website of owner of the program!

I'm no computer expert, but these are the general basics I tell to comp-n00bs. I used to be one, but after a while your computer fries out so many times that you just learn. 8D Now I've gotten to the point where I've never been hacked, and I rarely--basically never--get viruses or spyware. What I've suggested isn't everything you can do to boost your computer's/account security, but it sure does help a whole lot--trust me!

*If anyone would like to contribute some security-for-dummies tips send me over a PM or something!


Don't share your password with people you don't trust (this includes websites which ask for your OGP info)! GMs will never ask for your password, and most friends don't either!

If you do share your password with someone else, OGP is no longer obligated to restore your items should someone steal from you and strip your account. ALSO... if someone does something bannable on your account..that's it! Poof! You're banned!
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Great Job Breeg!

Some new people to LT will find this a interesting read.
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