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02-20-2010   #1 (permalink)
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Default Stat Reset Chart

This chart is only analyzing your stats and how it compares to your class distribution. It also compares your before-and-after stats for stat-resetting needs.

You need Microsoft Excel (or OpenOffice Calc) to use this, so don't bother downloading if you don't have it.
For those folks with 2007: Download
For those folks without 2007: Download

The password for both is ZERO ZERO ONE EIGHT FOUR (in numbers).

You don't have to de-equip anything for this chart to work--just make sure you fill in all the values. If an error comes up, you did something wrong. Note that the distribution for second job also applies to third job.

A picture guide on how to use it:

A guide on how to use Stat Powders
I will be using a Treasure Hunter distribution to demonstrate my example:
20% STR
20% STM
20% MAG
40% LUK

First of all, an effective stat reset requires the use of one increase (+) powder, and one decrease (-) powder. The increase raises the percentage of the chosen stat by 10%, and the decrease decreases by 5%. This means that the increase powder should be used on the most desirable stat, and the decrease on the least desirable.

Let's say I want to do STR-/LUK+. My new ratio is as follows:
15% STR (-5%)
20% STM
20% MAG
50% LUK (+10%)

However, a basic understanding in math can show that these percentages do not add up to 100%. Therefore, they must be scaled down so that they do:
14.29% STR
19.05% STM
19.05% MAG
47.62% LUK

This is the distribution that your Stat Reset books will use to determine your new stats.

Compare this distribution to that of a MAG-/LUK+:
19.05% STR
19.05% STM
14.29% MAG
47.62% LUK

Notice that the STM and LUK values remain unchanged. The only difference between the two are the switching of the STR and MAG percentages. Therefore, choosing different stats to decrease, no matter if you had more of that stat to begin with, will not raise the amount that the desirable stat increases.

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thanks for uploading, jess <333 just downloaded it~
very useful for determining the stats before and after reset.


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calculator, chart, distribution, reset, stat

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