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RoflKnife 08-04-2008 10:32 PM

Lair Of The Evil Dragon
Lair Of The Evil Dragon

What is the Lair Of The Evil Dragon?
The Lair Of The Evil Dragon is a level 35-50 Dungeon or Instance.

Where is the Lair Of The Evil Dragon?
The Lair Of The Evil Dragon is located in The Temple Of Pluton Level 4 in the top right corner.

Why are the monsters so tough?
The Dungeon was ment to be done with a party of 4, consisting of level 35's to 40's. Unless you are over leveled and/or very well equipped for this Dungeon, you cannot solo this Dungeon.


"I was pressing my potion hotkey! Why didn't it heal me?!"

You'll obviously need to be well stocked on potions to complete this Dungeon. Don't go in there with a party along with your 30 HP and SP potions. You'll run out faster then you think. Bring AT LEAST 1 full stack, (99) of both HP and SP.

"OMG I can't even touch these monsters and they 1 shot me!"

Don't try and do this Dungeon under leveled. You'll have weaker equipment, stats, and it'll be a lot harder to hit the monster with the huge level gap.

"WTF the monsters do so much damage!"

If you haven't guessed from the scenery, this is a fire based Dungeon. All monsters use at LEAST 1 fire based attack. You'll want to have as MUCH fire resistance as possible if you want to survive the onslaught of the enemy attacks. There's no such thing as too much fire resistance. You'll generally want at LEAST 200 fire resistance.

"LOlolOLololoLOlolol 2 man mage raid on the lair!"

Don't try and be the Dungeon with a full party. On that note, diversity is key. No, having 4 Mages is not awesome. Grab a Mage, preferably a healing one, get a Warrior, maybe a Crossbow user, it's always good to be flexible.

The Enemies


These things have VERY strong fire based attacks, they'll likely make mincemeat of you unless you are well leveled or equipped with fire resistant armour. You don't want to attract a mob of these, they're very dangerous in large groups. They can also heal.


A unique enemy, once you kill it, you must also destroy it's soul. The Mabem does a low amount of damage, but the soul does 2 times more. When in its soul form, it can heal a good amount, and will annoy you.

Sir Percieval

You might chuckle when you first see these guys. They don't have any special gimmicks...nope....none at all.....except they can cast a few skills near death. They have a charge attack and can spew out flame that's quite painful compared to their normal attack. When near death, they can cast a few spells, don't worry; they're all self buff spells. One of the more annoying ones is a buff that causes nearly all your attacks to miss. Luckly, the buffs don't last long, maybe 10 seconds at most.


The deadliest monster you'll encounter in this Dungeon. They can take an incredible amount of damage, as well as dishing it. To make things worse, they use ALL 4 elements of attack. However, the earthy poison might be the only thing to fear if you are well equipped, as this does a massive amount of damage. All the Nue's special attacks go through characters, damaging the ones behind, or are an Area of Effect.


The dragon himself, and the boss of this Dungeon.

The Traps

Spike Block

They're these blocks...with spikes on the bottom. Very easy to avoid if you just wait and time your jump. Some areas require you to jump quickly through to avoid getting hit. Once it falls, you can't get hit by it if you touch it.

Fire Pit

The flaming floor you see below you! They will deal a very small amount of damage rapidly over time. If you can regenerate fast enough while sitting, you can sit on fire pit and HEAL!

Flame Geysers

Those flaming pillars of fire are one annoying......Anyway, the thing that might annoy you is the fact that if you're standing on top of one, the flame will hit you through the floor. That's a low blow.

Poison Fog

The purple fog of doom! Like the Fire Pit, you'll sustain a small amount of damage rapidly over time.

Enemy Strategies:


Deal with them quickly, you don't want to attract any other Fieries. It's fairly easy to dodge their attacks, but the catch is they can fly. You want to avoid them when they blow fire at you, as it is the deadliest attack they have. They also have an Area of Effect attack; a ring of fire. You can easily see this one coming, a cakewalk to avoid.


Their physical form is a cake. Just stand and hit it till it dies. Their soul form however, is much harder. They've gained a bit more defense and more HP, as well as the very annoying ability to heal. Kill them, FAST. Give them any time to relax, and they'll heal. Their attacks actually hurt now as well. Their leaping slash can be seen a mile away, just move out of the way or block it. Their shield bash is damaging, and theres just no way to anticipate it.

Sir Percieval

Most likely the simplest and easier monster in the Dungeon. Although they do more damage than a Mabem, the attacks still just don't have enough punch to make you scream out: "OH SNAP!" This doesn't mean they don't have any attacks you should look out for though. They can charge, hurting everyone in a line, and have a deadly fire breathing ability that's equal to the damage of the Fierie flames! Once they're near death, they'll cast a random self buff on themselves, it's never anything to fear though, although it might annoy you.


Oh boy......this thing can be considered a mini-boss. If you aren't properly equipped or leveled, they will rip you apart in 10 seconds flat. Have 2 people jump over the Nue. The plan is, the group that is being attacked by the Nue will block for the whole time, while using potions, and the other will be dishing out as much damage as possible. The Nue will turn around, and roles will switch. Repeat as long as it's needed. Run away when you're low on health, then get back in. If you're being attacked however and need to run, DON'T. You'll get hit while trying to run, and then hit again, at this point, you're dead. If you're unlucky, the worse thing possible will happen....The Nue fully heals. Yes. You heard me right. This will most likely wipe your party if this happens. Don't worry, as far as I know, it can only happen once!


As you enter the boss room, a nice boss health bar will be near the top of your screen. There are some monsters ahead, so take them out before taking Invoke out. There are lots of Flame Geysers around, including 1 directly under Invoke. Don't worry, Invoke won't move. At this point, I hope you have 300 fire resistance minimum.

Invoke has only 2 attacks, 1 being a quick tail whip, which is the most dangerous and will hurt a lot as it doesn't seem to be a fire attack, and it can breathe fire. You tell when he'll breathe fire, as you can see him charging up for it. Like the Nue, 2 people on each side, the attacked side guards, the other attacks, switch roles as needed. Do not stand under Invoke, as a Flame Geyser is below him. If possible, try and attack from your maximum range, as the tail whip is a very strong attack.

When he reaches around 15% HP, he'll fly away. Wait...that's it? The loot sucks.......maybe you should enter the portal that just opened? This will lead you to.....

Invoke EX

Silly you, don't you know REAL bosses never die on the first defeat? There will be a 2 monsters when you get in, kill them. Now, there are 3 Geysers, 1 on the very edge of each side, and 1 in the middle. At first Invoke won't move. He's also learned a new trick; creating a gust of wind. This doesn't deal much damage, but stuns you and knocks you back, very annoying. When low on HP, just run back to the other platform. At around 80% HP, things change. Invoke will now fly left and right across the area. There are 3 ways to counter this:
1) Guard, most likely you'll completely dodge it, then you can counter attack!
2) Use a skill when it approaches, negating the knockback and dealing damage to Invoke. You'll still recieve some damage though.
3) Drop down into the fire.

I recommend the 1st method. You can use the 2nd method if you want to kill Invoke fast. Do note, if no one can see Invoke, 90% of the time he won't fly across and chase you. When someone is in range of Invoke, he'll fly across after a few seconds.

At around 40% HP, things get different AGAIN. The 1st, being he flys across the screen a lot more often, and will stay on 1 side of the area for an average of 5 seconds. The 2nd, being a VERY powerful dragon breath. When this is going to occur, in the middle of the area, a big "DANGER" sign will pop-up. Now, if you're in the fire pits, get out, NOW. The fire breath does the most damage at the fire pit. It's likely you won't survive, you MIGHT if you guard, but I wouldn't put my chances on it. The platforms sustain the least damage. The fire will either hit the left or right side of the area, it's completely random. However, the platform that Invoke will hit sparkles with blue for about 3/4 of a second. Not enough time to evade it really, so the OTHER strategy is to jump when the floor sparkles. You will be hit only once, and fly most likely into the lava.

As the battle goes on, Invoke will use the DANGER fire breath more often. You'll eventually down him, now enjoy your loot!

Scenerio Quest

If you have the first Scenerio Quest, or otherwise the first Story Quest, then you will fight an additional boss! Enter the portal created when Invoke EX dies.

You'll get a brief cutscene, and it appears Muwen and Zoe misunderstand and think you're the enemy. Don't worry, you don't face both of them, you only need to beat Zoe.

The fight is incredibly easy compared to Invoke. Just whack at her until she's dead. If you're paranoid, stay right next to Zoe, as one of her attacks that attack in a wide area around her won't hit you. She still has a decent amount of HP however.

Once you beat her, you'll get another cutscene and you're pointed to go meet another member of Iris' party.

The Invoke Set

You might have noticed, pieces of the Invoke set drop once in a while. These are VERY good pieces equipment, and the earlier you get them, the better they are. There is a female and male version. They cannot be traded.
The set bonuses are:

2 Pieces: +150 Defense
3 Pieces: +100 HP
4 Pieces: +100 SP
Full Set: +5% Critcal Rate, +5% Magic Critical Rate, Level 5 Fire Enchant, +35% Ely Gain

Any comments, suggestions, and corrections to this guide is welcome.

TehAwesomo 08-04-2008 10:43 PM


freakin nice guide lolz this will probably help a lot of people with that stupid boss. I give you 5 stars lol

Epic 08-04-2008 10:48 PM

nice guide very helpful

WhatThePhuc 08-05-2008 12:02 AM

lmao funny guide

JelloTime 08-05-2008 12:23 AM

People in high 20's can do this dungeon if they know what their doing. o.o

I also recommend that you bring a tank, a shield knight preferably.
Makes life a lot easier. =3

Nice guide nevertheless.

RoflKnife 08-05-2008 09:54 AM

Most people won't be able to do it so early, and I'm sure most people want to be able to smoothly go through it without much difficulty, instead of sliding right by XD.

I'm very sure this dungeon will be easier when upgrading and enchanting are added, in which I'll edit the guide.

UncleBobbie 08-05-2008 10:10 AM

I liked it, but i found a typo x3 prepartions: you say 'their' shouldn't that be there? ._.

Sheep 08-05-2008 10:13 AM

It's not to hard if you know what you are doing o_x but yeah, you really only need one person to tank so long as that person knows how to tank.

Tenelax 08-05-2008 10:22 AM

Awesome guide 8D you should give some screenshots too :D (I know its hard to get)

Sanichi 08-05-2008 10:41 AM

I would prefer to do the dungeon with a warrior but...*Stares at his crossbow*

Viet 08-19-2008 09:14 PM

VERY Useful tip for you guys regarding the DANGER Fire Breath Invoke uses. Simply.......jump, doesn't make sense? As most of you notice when you get hit while airborne in LaTale you do a pretty embarrassing back flip and land flat on your face, well the benefit of jumping during a big MULTI-HIT attack is that it'll only hit you.....once. It works! Try it out next time you take on the instance xD

Rtothef 08-19-2008 10:09 PM

Great guide.

Noctis 08-27-2008 06:26 AM

What're the lvl reqs of the equips and their stats?

Beato 08-27-2008 06:29 AM

They are Lv 25ish equipment equivalent of Lv 35ish equipment with added fire resistance.

Noctis 08-27-2008 06:44 AM


Originally Posted by Neli (Post 126322)
They are Lv 25ish equipment equivalent of Lv 35ish equipment with added fire resistance.

Hmm... I see... 35ish, eh... You mean the BP set? Hmm... 3 lvls 'til I would be able to wear the whole Hyunmu set.

Pentao 09-28-2008 12:49 AM

Man I hate Nues, easily harder than Invoke himself. But I just thought I'd mention that, from my experience, if you stay closer to Nues, they're more inclined to use melee attacks, the breath attack and the meteor attack, and NOT the dreaded snake-tail breath.

The friggin snake tail breath hurts like hell even at level 50.

Kenjii 09-28-2008 02:41 PM

Nue's randomly heal their health. It's happened to my group like 3-4 times from one Nue.

The way I kill those blasted Faeries is that I have them slightly higher than me (jump up and land to get that height). Then I duck (it'll miss [except the ring of fire]) and everyone else is behind it whacking it. If the faerie changes target then I get up and skill it until it attacks me again.

LaTale 10-01-2008 08:22 AM

Good guide! 8D
Last time i went to the lair of the evil dragons was in the CB i think. My team only came to the first Nue. But it was fun while it lasted. 8D

Yakuza53 10-01-2008 07:04 PM

I'd like to add, when danger happens if you get on the edges of the maps, on the flame geysers get on them and duck, the danger attack can NOT hit you there no matter what when you're there.

PoonMaster 10-01-2008 08:14 PM

I only have 108 Fire Resistance at lvl 36. How am I suppose to make up for that? . _.

And does having any Water Element Boosts come in handy?

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