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Default [La Noob] It's only La Tale, ffs...

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. [Spreadsheets] Just farm Coliseum. That way, you don't have to think, OK?
2a.[Lists & Tables] What you didn't know you wanted to know, but now know it anyways.
2b. [Quests] Are you a gopher? Go for items, go for kills?
2c. [Leftovers] One of these things just doesn't belong.
3. [Other people's stuff] Isn't La Tale a single player game? What is this, I don't even...
3a. [ggFTW] *cricket chirping
3b. [OGP Forums] Same old story, same old song and dance, my friend.
3c. [Other] Q_Q I quit until we get Korean updates
4. [Updates & Events] Anything interesting? No? I quit, be back in 2 weeks.
5. [Bugs and QQ'ing] Player -> GA -> GM -> OGP -> Actoz. This is how things don't get done.

1. Introduction

Welcome to my little repository of stuff that 95% of La Tale players don't really care about! This pile of tl;dr is intended for those of us who are still learning to play this time-waster we call a "game", whether for sheer curiosity about certain comparisons or just needing the extra bit of info to take it the next level of gaming. Please note that most of the stuff presented here only deals with current OGP La Tale. If you look hard enough, you'll find certain individuals/guilds will have information far beyond what is provided here, particularly with Korean La Tale, which, at last check, was approximately one year ahead of us in terms of content.

All data found in my spreadsheets were obtained from internal game files, which are available to anyone who bothers to download La Tale. It is merely formatted into something more readable. What you decide to do with the data is up to you. Everything else can be found with a little bit of due diligence. You may be able to find some info on the ggftw Wiki, but as it hasn't been significantly updated for quite a while, your chances are slim.

This is still a Work-In-Progress, which has been going on over the course of a few months. This is largely based on what I'm interested in at any given time, so certain things that should be available (in my opinion, of course) may not be present here. All of my spreadsheets are available in Excel through Google Docs. You can find the Master Swor... uh, link, here. Google Docs is sorted by when stuff was most recently modified down to much older stuff. My settings do not permit anyone but myself to edit anything, so if you feel the spreadsheets look ugly, feel free to download them and screw with them yourself. Be warned that Google Docs is very limited, that most of these spreadsheets were created with Office 2007, and uploaded and converted into Google's formatting. Therefore, when you download them, expect all formatting to be screwed to hell. Particularly the colors. Oh god, my colors...

As with any Massively Multiplayer Online game, I do not expect certain things to change very often, like droprates or defense values of monsters. Therefore, don't expect any of my spreadsheets to be updated every two weeks. However, I will make the effort to update them when we get actual content updates, such as new areas or equipments, or if somebody notices something out of the ordinary, such as severely lowered droprates of certain items.

That being said, all copyrights and trademarks belong to their respective owners.

2. [Spreadsheets] Just farm Coliseum. That way, you don't have to think, OK?

This is a collection of my spreadsheets, which can also be found here. There will be new stuff added periodically, until I've gone through every file and squeezed every last bit of info out of them. Each spreadsheet will be tailored to its individual characteristics, so while Quest spreadsheets will look similar, some will be missing certain fields that others have, simply because they are unnecessary for that particular batch of quests.

All values and names come straight from internal values. This explains why you see such oddities as "Advanced Golem for Work Illustrated Card" or "Chunsiklia" (I changed certain monster names to reflect what you see ingame). I mean, really? Are we back in the 80's or something?

Some spreadsheets will come with their own description of what its about inside the spreadsheet itself, which you can find in the Overview tab. Some spreadsheets may also contain a tab labeled Overview - Charts & Labels (or just Labels), describing various column headings and/or displaying some smaller tables that would screw up the formatting of the Overview tab. Other spreadsheets should be self-explanatory, so you'll find a brief description about it here.

2a.[Lists & Tables] What you didn't know you wanted to know, but now know it anyways.

Armor Sets(Non-Fashion) - All non-NPC, non-fashion armor sets and their bonuses. That would be Ruby/Sapphire, elementals, Class, Coliseum, Epic, and TAID. Darkness set currently not included, mainly because I'm not sure of certain set bonuses.

Crafting - A listing of everything you can craft with the crafting skills. Includes crafting experience table and unreleased 5th tier craftable items. Does not include item stats, but does include skill levels. Also includes Cooking quests, which are found in the Alchemy - Food tab at the very bottom. This spreadsheet will be somewhat modified when the Season 2 update comes; food crafting will be most affected, and armor crafting will gain the Soul Breaker class set armors.

Enchanting tables - A set of tables detailing stats gained from normal Puzzles, Super Puzzles, and Cubes. Averages may be slightly off due to how I calculated, and not knowing how the game handles decimals.

Experience Tables - A set of tables listing out necessary experience requirements for various level-controlled things. Includes Base Level for OGP with a side-by-side comparison to Korea (for lulz), Crafting, Reputation (with a bit of info gleaned from future updates), and PvP. Pet experience tables can be found in the Pet database (see below).

Locked Box - Mostly a trolling joke, but at the time I was genuinely curious about what was in those Locked Boxes you see in lower/mid level areas. Basically a compilation of everything you can find in all 10 types of Locked Boxes (1 for each skill level, which determines what area Locked Boxes you can open).

Mining - A guide of how to mine, where to mine, and what you get for hours of hitting the same button a few hundred thousand times. Mining is typically used by beginners to make money, as minerals gained by Mining are used for all levels of upgrading, crafting equipment, and other things.

Monster Droplist(Limited, Non-Quest) - The crowning achievement in how to do a lot in very little time. Contains almost everything a monster can drop, assuming it has a Card. If it doesn't drop a Card (see Monster Encyclopedia below), then it's not in here. Does not include NPC equipment or NPC potions. Includes initial "loose" items, cards, Miscellaneous itemsets, Soul Urn itemsets, and their respective droprates, both for itemsets and items within. Certain multi-stage bosses drop certain things at certain stages, so some things are still under investigation. As of this particular second, I'm not sure where the NPC Quest Items are located, so those aren't here for the time being.

Monster Encyclopedia - Also known as Monster Illustrations. A listing of every card obtainable, along with cards present in the initial Season 2 update for Korea. Sorted by Level range, and listed out as seen in game.

Pets - A listing of every pet and its associated bonuses, regardless of availability (Rat pet is not available, nor does anyone expect it to be). Pet buff stacking rules and experience tables can be found in Overview - Charts & Labels.

2b. [Quests] I'm a professional gopher. Go for items, go for kills.

Unlike Pie's quest guide, this is sorted by monster area first, then by level. I find this more useful, as some monster areas have quests coming from more than one city/town. Significantly more compact and possibly much more convoluted, be prepared to see lots of colors. You might also note that internal level requirements differ from listed ingame requirements. I did not include listed ingame requirement levels, because it's a moot point as long as it's available to you.

Quest pre-requisites, monster locations, NPC locations, relevant droprates, and rewards are included.

I'm currently re-organizing lower level quests, because the everything is convoluted it's almost like this game was programmed by a bunch of highschoolers. At least later quests are better structured... at the cost of being monotonous.

Food quests are found in the Crafting spreadsheet (see above).

[url= Gc&hl=en_US#gid=0]3rd Class Quests - Elemental Master[/ur] My journey through the 3rd class quests as a pure Fire Sorcerer working towards Elemental Master. Includes notes and observations about certain quests. This may or may not be rendered obsolete when the Season 2 update arrives.

Asgard - Hanger (140), Solar Farm (145), D-Labo (150), related Longest Tree (145), and related Hell quests (155-165). Also includes the 2 quests initiated by specific items dropped by Asgard monsters. My apologies for the color bombardment. This is one of those way out of the way areas where I wish I had a Warp Crystal.

Daily, Random - All levels. All Daily and Random Quests. Experience gain, reward items, and chances of getting a particular Random quest also included. Also lists out some quests that were left out.

Item Based - All levels. NPC Items, SS Scroll, Guild, and Guild Egg quests. As of this particular second it does not include what drops NPC Items or SS Scrolls.

No Name World - Fairy Forest (45-53), Cloud Villa (108-112, 169), and Bakery Street (158-168) quests. This is pretty incomplete, because I haven't found the follow up quests fo Siam Vespucci. Which is why I don't know what to name this thing. Feh.

Preios - El Anoir Field South (106-125) and West (136-140), Subclass (140), Field East (142-146), Mountains (155-163), Field North (177-185), and Sky Command Crash Site (185-191) quests. TAID quests (Beginner Invoke TAID quests are in Elias Palace) will be added later.

Webfoot Octopus Temple - Webfoot Octopus Shrine quests. Great for free NPC Potions. Masked Octopus, Sunny, and Pirate Cats inhabit the top route. Conch Shell Octopus, Ganster Cat, and Octopus of Freedom occupy the lower route. I mention this because the 30-repeat quests are easily completed, so your best bet it cruise through those on your way to doing slightly more complicated quests.

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3. [Other people's stuff] Isn't La Tale a single player game? What is this, I don't even...

This is a compilation of stuff I would bookmark, except my bookmarks list is too damn long already. Most of this is stuff that I think is actually worthwhile to look at. Consequently, there's some pretty heavy bias as to what's in this section (primarily based on how much "effort" was put into it, or its "usefulness").

3a. [ggFTW] *cricket chirping

ggFTW La Tale Wiki - A not quite complete or updated Wiki. Does contain some stuff on subclass skills.

Pie's Quest Guide, Level Sorted Version - The go-to guide for quests. A bit tl;dr at times, but that's just me.

Esper's Crafting Resource Guide - Includes item stats, but no skill levels. Also missing a few things, but it's not like anybody crafts that much anymore.

3b. [OGP Forums] Same old story, same old song and dance, my friend.

Simple Question; Simple Answer - by MisterGlass
Dump a question in there, get an answer spit back out at you. The first few pages are crap, but after that it's an informative Q & A thread.


Enchanting guide - by Rikea
Enchanting in general, for newbs who haven't figured it out yet.

How To Hax Your Gear - by Tanukiyasha
Enchanting for those who want overpowered gear. However, this can be mostly be summed up in two words: Dumb luck.

The Ugly egg guide - by killercore007
This is a guide on how to raise a Pet Egg. It applies to all pets, but required levelup experience and pet skills will vary. This just shows you what you can do with the Egg itself.

Doala - How to Use the Fashion Simulator - by MrApo
How to use Doala. Note that Doala requires that your LT client to be closed in order to work.

Tips to Earn Ely for New Incoming Players *update* - by hackthehonor
How to make Ely as a newb (like, I just started playing this game kind of newb).

A Complete and Thorough Vintor Map! (no monsters) - by shinymonkeys
How to complete the Vintor instance the hard way (no shortcuts).

Skill Building - Skill Sim, Basic Builds, and More - by MrApo
Tutorial on how to use the Korean (?) skill simulator, 'cause everyone's too lazy to make an English one.

Halibel's droplist guide(astro pop-it events,etc) - by Rikkuu
A droplist of most gambling type events and items. Note that some gambling items may not be available anymore.

Utau's Little Little 8 chapter Crystal Mine Guide - by UtauHoshino
Mining in Crystal Mine. If you can stand net/textspeak, you can get something out of this.

Sephs Guide to Pets - by Savior Sephiroth
Pictorial view of pet buff stacking. Doesn't include Husky, though.

Guide to the Gem System - by Rhavik
The Gem System, introduced when subclasses came out. Unfortunately, it's still largely incomplete ingame, so it almost amounts to 1. Get Gem 2. Put in box. 3. Profit.

The Complete Cookbook: Food Guide - by Songhee
Pictorial view of food crafting. Doesn't include stacking rules, skill levels, or food quests.

TAID Guide: Vintor - by BronzeMech
How to do the Vintor instance, TAID style. Not entirely sure if there's a difference between beginner and advanced.

*Auction House Tutorial* - by MrsSuyuri
A video tutorial on how to use the Auction House. It looks different 'cause it's using the old GUI.

Guide to auction house - by mysteriono
A screenshot tutorial on how to use the Auction House. Old GUI again.

Grinding Etiquette - by MrApo
This should be something every MMO player needs to know. Then again, if you hide in an obscure channel, it's not like you're going to be noticed hogging the whole map for yourself anyways.

MrInternational's Blader Guide - by AceBoogie117
*Old* A differnt view on Bladers. Doesn't include 3rd or Subs.

The flinch factor - by killercore007


Pie's Dark Moon Castle Maze Guide - by BoredomKillz
One way of getting to through the Dark Moon Castle Maze to the Dark Moon Princess Instance.

Cirno's Perfect Magic Class - by LilPhenyl
A quick rundown of Wizard builds.

Wizard's PvPing Guide - by LilPhenyl
PvPing as a Wizard, as percieved by LilPhenyl.

The Blazingly Hot Fire Sorcerer Guide - by BronzeMech
*Old* A guide on why setting things on fire as a Sorc is awesome.


Macci's super fun class-choosing guide! - by littlegirlpup
*Old* Don't know what class to play? This is quick overview of each class' pros and cons. Doesn't include 3rd job or subclasses, but those are just extensions of the base class.

Season 2 skill stats -potassium enriched!- - by Rhavik
Listing of cooldowns for the Season 2 update.

The unoficial Phantom Mage thread - by Auhora
The longest, most concentrated discussion of a subclass (Phantom Mage) you'll ever find on the OGP forums. And it's all because of the pretty wings. And huge-ass scythes. And whips.

Information: Elemental Master Skill Damage - by Mac2492
Listing of skill damages for all elements of all skills of Elemental Master.

Blader(Strider) vs. Warlord(Dragoon) UPDATED! - by Revenant_Ash
*Old* Comparison between Strider and Dragoon.

Terror Knight 101 - by The (not so) Complete Guide - by MrApo

~The Completed Knuckle Knight Guide~ - by Diglett
*Old* Knuckles + Knight = orly?

The way Saitei did it Gunslinger/Duelist Guide - by SaiteiForum
How to be more like Saitei. At least in skill build.

Technical Manual: Rogue Masters - by BronzeMech
Skill damages for the Rogue Master.

Bladeslinger/Judgement Guide for Beginners. - by TheLinkedOne
What you should do when you first become a J. No, not Jenova. Bladeslinger.

Crafting Alliance - A listing of Crafters who offer their services for free, as long as you provide the materials. Note that some Crafters listed may not even play the game anymore. Or actually look at their mail. Which is really ****ing annoying.

3c. [Other] Q_Q I quit until we get Korean updates

Karix's Blog - Not sure where this guy went. But there's a pretty picture of Crystal Mine and all the relevant droprates.

Horiechan's Blog - A blog detailing Korean updates as they occur, translated in English.

???'s Blog Some guys blog about playing Korea La Tale in general. Contains some useful insights on what's going over there. Original.

Japan La Tale Wiki - The jLT Wiki. Note that we follow Korea La Tale, so stuff in this Wiki doesn't necessarily apply to OGP La Tale. Original

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4. [Updates & Events] Anything interesting? No? I quit, be back in 2 weeks.

5. [Bugs and QQ'ing] Player -> GA -> GM -> OGP -> Actoz. This is how things don't get done.

This is a listing of stuff players QQ about, but for whatever reason forget about, even if it still hasn't gotten fixed a few months later.

GA & GM Discussion on 11/23/2011
GM and GA meeting log for 11/30/2011
GA & GM Discussion on 12/7/2011
GA & GM Meeting Log 12/22/2011
GA Meeting Log 12/28/2011
GA & GM Meeting Log 01/04/2012
01/11/2012 GA & GM Meeting Log
GA-GM meeting 2/1/2012 minutes

[GA]TheLinkedOne's Problem Collection(3/27/11) - This looks interesting...

Phoenix Tail droprate - If it's going to be a component for Valkyrie Weapon Crafting, why make it so damn rare? Or are you guys just going to pump more Valkyrie Weapon Coupons into the game?

Rogue Knife Re-Optioning - Is this fixed yet?

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UltimaPi is on a distinguished road
IGN: CeciliaAdlehyde
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4th post reserve. 2nd post updated and parsed into 3rd post.

I'm never gonna finish this damn thing, am I...


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