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Third Jobs
Coming this update is the final release of the Third Jobs. Now players will finally be able to unlock the most fearsome power Jiendia has ever seen. This new found power will be needed for the challenges ahead.

New Power
New Animations
New Effects

Garden of the Elder Gods
After the climactic battle between Iris, and the Devil King, the wall dividing between the world of Jiendia, and the Devil Kings has been weakening over time. Strange sights of a massive set of ruins in the sea of Jiendia have appeared with monsters that have crossed over from the Devil Kings world.

Originally the Devil Kings power had hidden the ruins, and it is said that the powers that were used to defeat the Devil King reside within this ancient place.

With that we introduce the Garden of the Elder Gods. This new area offers both high level, and low level content for players to explore.

Astral Function Sets
We’re getting into the spirit of Christmas early so you don’t miss anything good. Coming in the latest update for La Tale, we are introducing a random item – “Christmas Stocking”. A lot of unique Christmas treats are to be found in these. Don’t be surprised if you get an awesome item!

New Hairs and Fashion
We can’t have players running around as their third jobs without looking good, so we’ll be releasing 5 brand new hairstyles along with some fashion, and Christmas themed clothes.

Boon of Chsitmas
We want to make Christmas extra special for everyone this year. For this we are hosting a massive Boon for the holidays.

Starting December 24th, and 25th we will be hosting a unique bonus XP/IDR event. Players will find the whole day of the 24th, and the 25th they will receive +25% bonus XP, and +25% item drop rate. That’s a full 48 hours of Christmas cheer!

Christmas Blowout Sale
If you missed your chance with Black Friday, have no worries, the Christmas sale is here! Bringing back the massive price cuts on almost all items. Discounts up to 70% off including Super Puzzle Coupons! Make sure you check out the seasons sales before you miss out!

that says it all, i think we'll have 3rd's tomorrow o-o

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Xenadia? Hmm..... It didn't really make me tick when the update came because im lv 62 (lol). But the new field is awesome and has really wicked graphics. One thing that I noticed though is that the people with 3rd jobs have that weird graphic beneath their avatar, I dont think its a good idea since most MMORPG gams have that circle thing and thats what made la Tale special ;D. I liked the new skills especially the new skill for Holy Orders and Engistars. Some new skills though didn't quite make an appeal like the new skill for Treasure Hunters. Yeah, it looks good... doesn't seem right since it doesnt have anything to do with the weapon o.o . I ESPECIALLY liked the background music in Xenadia, beautifully arranged . The lobby and loading pages are awesome (made loading page my wallpaper ) Btw, I hope there will be a second server soon ^_^. Oh and is there a word "Engistar"? XD.
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OGP just updated their page and it looks really good. o_o
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Default Xenadia review

K lols so since this update has been up for 3 weeks and the contest is ending soon, I guess I should express my opinions about this update now ^_^

This update is really one of the very major ones that I reaaaaally expect and like a lot! Why? Because it totally changes other latalers' opinions about sorcerors hehe... Yes! Elemental Masters are very strong now and are wanted in Expert parties! Unlike in the past I enjoy playing my EM a looooooot now! 4EM's party in Expert is just amazing! I'm sure all other EMs will agree with me But of course, we'd like all the glitches be fixed as soon as possible, especially the one regarding Dark Hole.

Hmmm yes I do have a Lv.193 spear warlord but it's not promoted yet ._. why? Well, I'm from South East Asia and the Vintor dungeon is just an impossible dungeon for me to go through. I understand that GMs have given a temporary solution to this problem but still, it's troublesome and not good enough. Hope they can make the floating portals "nonfloating" lols so that everyone can enjoy Vintor more. Besides, I heard there's a lot glitches regarding dragoons and yeah it's sad to many Melee class people that TDD is not working now lols >_>

Oh yes, Class Set! I hope this bug can be fixed as soon as possible as well lols. My spear warlord is wearing Thunder Set and if I promote him, I'll not be able to play him efficiently anyway.

Well, I don't PVP but I do understand there's lots of bugs regarding it lols. Hope they can be fixed soon too.

Last but not least, the Xenadia world map. Lols of course I love it because it haaas the amazingly adorable little dragons hahahx. Its confusing at least but that's what makes it more adventurous and exciting xD.

Well, overall, I would really like to thank OGP to bring this 3rd job Xenadia update to us! However, I believe they can do even better jobs in bringing more active players into playing LaTale. I like LaTale a lot, so I hope its community can grow bigger and healthier from day to day .


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