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09-29-2009   #141 (permalink)
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^ Just send the items to someone you trust that can turn it in.

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09-29-2009   #142 (permalink)
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Originally Posted by SkittlesX333
I got that one relatively quick, actually. Now, I got an invoke flame helmet quest that probably took 50+ runs
Lmao I'd gladly take your invoke runs over kraken n.n
Kraken gets old after the second or third run, realllyyyy old Y_Y;;
10-01-2009   #143 (permalink)
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Fayt is just really niceFayt is just really niceFayt is just really niceFayt is just really niceFayt is just really nice
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Before I originally thought it wouldn't be difficult to hunt down via fm and smega, but: buying ten druzziquartz qq.

Edit: Also that quest that requires the 2 keys of each variety can go die in a pool of acid.
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10-01-2009   #144 (permalink)
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59,643,982 XP from 10-6 Quest on IchigoParfait.

It required 99 Pink Diamonds, 10 Green Tourmaline and 3 Amber. Easy.
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10-03-2009   #145 (permalink)
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Oh that is a nicey quest Azu! I fail on my 10-1 mission with NOTHING to turn in, literally. Haha, I hope to get 10-2~10 next time.

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10-04-2009   #146 (permalink)
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Guild Scroll 10-10 is annoying too. 50 Thin Heavenly Leathers and 50 Thick Heavenly Leathers.

Assuming all the crafts work, that's 150 Carrot Flags and 450 Red Scrolls...

And finding a high level leather refiner. (Mine's only level 22 :\)

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