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aznsakura 08-31-2011 07:29 AM

Jlt latale 48hr live
I dunno if you guy have interest with these kind of stuff, as it will be something that we never (possibly) gonna have thread.

But I find it interesting and might try out the actual Nico Live during this event.


It is some major event that couple of GM has planned to do some challenge during this the event and if they manage to do it they will give you bonus buff to the whole server.

To view the nicolive use the following link

You will need an account to view it and its in japanese of course.

So what will the GM do during the event?
I will type up a quick sneak idea of what they will be doing and kind of bonus they will give. More detail will be posted in my blog.

GM Monchiki has a challenge that he need to collect as much of Monster Index card as possible within the 48HR. He would need to successfully gain the card ability not just obtain the card. Below 39 card give no bonus to the whole server, 40 - 49 cards give EXP GAIN 5% UP BONUS during the event and so on.

This may take some time to write up the whole schedule and detail so please be patience.

Lime 09-03-2011 07:38 AM

Ooh, hey, is there a way to switch the screen so we can see the game screen better?

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